[procedure] hash-table-fold hash-table f init-value

SRFI-69: This procedure calls f for every association in hash-table with three arguments: the key of the association key, the value of the association value, and an `accumulated value', val. val is init-value for the first invocation of f, and for subsequent invocations of f, the return value of the previous invocation of f. The value final-value returned by hash-table-fold is the return value of the last invocation of f. The order in which f is called for different associations is unspecified.

[procedure] hash-table-fold hash-table kons knil

Gauche: The procedure kons is called like

 (kons key value accrued)

for each key/value in the hash-table, and its result is passed to the accrued argument of the next call of kons.

See also hash-table-for-each, hash-table-map, make-hash-table.