Scheme Requests for Implementation:

Final SRFIs and their support.

(The number of supporting implementations are derived from '$$srfis' macro in each implementation's page. To see which implementations support the srfi, follow the link on the srfi number.)

SRFI-0: Feature-based conditional expansion construct[17 implementations]
SRFI-1: List Library[17 implementations]
SRFI-2: AND-LET*: an AND with local bindings, a guarded LET* special form[16 implementations]
SRFI-4: Homogeneous numeric vector datatypes[10 implementations]
SRFI-5: A compatible let form with signatures and rest arguments[5 implementations]
SRFI-6: Basic String Ports[17 implementations]
SRFI-7: Feature-based program configuration language[6 implementations]
SRFI-8: receive: Binding to multiple values[19 implementations]
SRFI-9: Defining Record Types[18 implementations]
SRFI-10: Sharp-Comma External Form[5 implementations]
SRFI-11: Syntax for receiving multiple values[10 implementations]
SRFI-13: String Library[12 implementations]
SRFI-14: Character-Set Library[13 implementations]
SRFI-16: Syntax for procedures of variable arity[11 implementations]
SRFI-17: Generalized set![9 implementations]
SRFI-18: Multithreading support[9 implementations]
SRFI-19: Time Data Types and Procedures[10 implementations]
SRFI-21: Real-time multithreading support[1 implementation]
SRFI-22: Running Scheme Scripts on Unix[8 implementations]
SRFI-23: Error reporting mechanism[15 implementations]
SRFI-25: Multi-dimensional Array Primitives [9 implementations]
SRFI-26: Notation for Specializing Parameters without Currying[12 implementations]
SRFI-27: Sources of Random Bits[14 implementations]
SRFI-28: Basic Format Strings[11 implementations]
SRFI-29: Localization[6 implementations]
SRFI-30: Nested Multi-line Comments[8 implementations]
SRFI-31: A special form for recursive evaluation[9 implementations]
SRFI-34: Exception Handling for Programs[9 implementations]
SRFI-35: Conditions[6 implementations]
SRFI-36: I/O Conditions[3 implementations]
SRFI-37: args-fold: a program argument processor[8 implementations]
SRFI-38: External Representation for Data With Shared Structure[12 implementations]
SRFI-39: Parameter objects[14 implementations]
SRFI-40: A Library of Streams (deprecated)[5 implementations]
SRFI-41: Streams[8 implementations]
SRFI-42: Eager Comprehensions[10 implementations]
SRFI-43: Vector Library[9 implementations]
SRFI-44: Collections[1 implementation]
SRFI-45: Primitives for expressing iterative lazy algorithms[9 implementations]
SRFI-46: Basic Syntax-rules Extensions[1 implementation]
SRFI-47: Array[4 implementations]
SRFI-48: Intermediate Format Strings[8 implementations]
SRFI-49: Indentation-sensitive syntax[1 implementation]
SRFI-51: Handling rest list[2 implementations]
SRFI-54: Formatting[3 implementations]
SRFI-55: require-extension[6 implementations]
SRFI-57: Records[3 implementations]
SRFI-58: Array Notation[3 implementations]
SRFI-59: Vicinity[6 implementations]
SRFI-60: Integers as Bits[14 implementations]
SRFI-61: A more general cond clause[10 implementations]
SRFI-62: S-expression comments[7 implementations]
SRFI-63: Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Arrays[7 implementations]
SRFI-64: A Scheme API for test suites[3 implementations]
SRFI-66: Octet Vectors[7 implementations]
SRFI-67: Compare Procedures[7 implementations]
SRFI-69: Basic hash tables[12 implementations]
SRFI-70: Numbers[2 implementations]
SRFI-71: LET-syntax for multiple values[4 implementations]
SRFI-72: Simple hygienic macros[1 implementation]
SRFI-74: Octet-Addressed Binary Blocks[3 implementations]
SRFI-78: Lightweight testing[7 implementations]
SRFI-86: MU and NU simulating VALUES & CALL-WITH-VALUES, and their related LET-syntax[3 implementations]
SRFI-87: => in case clauses[5 implementations]
SRFI-88: Keyword Objects[3 implementations]
SRFI-89: Optional and named parameters[2 implementations]
SRFI-90: Extensible hash table constructor[1 implementation]
SRFI-94: Type-Restricted Numerical Functions[1 implementation]
SRFI-95: Sorting and Merging[4 implementations]
SRFI-96: SLIB Prerequisites[3 implementations]
SRFI-97: SRFI Libraries[1 implementation]
SRFI-98: An interface to access environment variables[9 implementations]
SRFI-99: ERR5RS Records[7 implementations]
SRFI-100: define-lambda-object[2 implementations]
SRFI-101: Purely Functional Random-Access Pairs and Lists[2 implementations]
SRFI-105: Curly-infix-expressions[2 implementations]
SRFI-106: Basic socket interface[3 implementations]
SRFI-108: Named quasi-literal constructors[0 implementations]
SRFI-109: Extended string quasi-literals[0 implementations]
SRFI-110: Sweet-expressions (t-expressions)[1 implementation]
SRFI-111: Boxes[4 implementations]