GNU's extension scripting language.

Implementing SRFIs: SRFI-0 SRFI-1 SRFI-2 SRFI-4 SRFI-6 SRFI-8 SRFI-9 SRFI-10 SRFI-11 SRFI-13 SRFI-14 SRFI-16 SRFI-17 SRFI-18 SRFI-19 SRFI-23 SRFI-26 SRFI-27 SRFI-30 SRFI-31 SRFI-34 SRFI-35 SRFI-37 SRFI-38 SRFI-39 SRFI-41 SRFI-42 SRFI-45 SRFI-55 SRFI-60 SRFI-61 SRFI-67 SRFI-69 SRFI-88 SRFI-98 SRFI-105

This list is from the manual of Guile 1.8.

API Overview

Simple Generic Data Types

log10, sinh, cosh, tanh, asinh, acosh, atanh, logand, logior, logxor, lognot, logtest, logbit?, ash, logcount, integer-length, integer-expt, bit-extract, copy-random-state?, random, random:exp?, random:hollow-sphere!?, random:normal?, random:normal-vector!?, random:solid-sphere?, random:uniform?, seed->random-state?


string-null?, string-split, substring, substring-fill!, substring-move!, string-index, string-rindex, string-upcase, string-upcase!, string-downcase, string-downcase!, string-capitalize, string-capitalize!,