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Should (Would it be OK if I added) usage examples were added to various entries?

--Julian Fondren

No problem. I was just too lazy to do that. --Shiro

How about references to third-party libraries? I'm thinking specifically of Alex Shinn's formatting library. These sorts of things are hard to find for a newbie like myself. I'd like to put a "See Also" link under format and printf to this.

--Ozzi Lee

Good idea. I added Cross-Implementation Libraries page and start adding Alex's fmt library entries (Library:Fmt). Feel free to add entries. --Shiro

This may or may not be appropriate for a site like this, but as a newb I often find myself looking for an equivalent to functions from other languages. Ruby's split and join are one example (string-split and string-intersperse in Scheme). It would be nice to have, perhaps, a listing of Ruby (and Python, PHP, Perl...) functions with their Scheme equivalents. I know it would have saved me quite a bit of time over the past couple of weeks.

--Ozzi Lee

I also think it's useful; actually, Gauche's user reference has an appendix chapter that lists POSIX C functions and corresponding Gauche library functions (see Appendix B). I think it's too much to create entry pages for each function from other languages, but it'll be ok to have a page per language that lists the correspondence. I don't have time to do that (catching up the existing Scheme implementation is more than enough work), but if you can enter the content, it'll be great.