Larceny is a simple and efficient implementation of the Scheme programming language. Created originally as a test vehicle for research on garbage collection and compiler optimizations, Larceny has grown into a major multiplatform system, and is one of the very few implementations that support all four de facto standards for Scheme: IEEE/ANSI, R5RS, ERR5RS, and the R6RS. Development of Larceny has been supported by NSF, Sun Microsystems, and Microsoft.

Implementing SRFIs: SRFI-0 SRFI-1 SRFI-2 SRFI-5 SRFI-6 SRFI-8 SRFI-9 SRFI-11 SRFI-13 SRFI-14 SRFI-16 SRFI-17 SRFI-19 SRFI-23 SRFI-25 SRFI-26 SRFI-27 SRFI-28 SRFI-29 SRFI-38 SRFI-39 SRFI-41 SRFI-42 SRFI-43 SRFI-45 SRFI-48 SRFI-51 SRFI-54 SRFI-59 SRFI-61 SRFI-63 SRFI-64 SRFI-67 SRFI-78 SRFI-87 SRFI-98 SRFI-99 SRFI-99 SRFI-99 SRFI-99 SRFI-60 SRFI-66 SRFI-69 SRFI-71 SRFI-74 SRFI-86 SRFI-95 SRFI-96