Gambit Scheme System

The current version is Gambit-C 4.7.3 (Jul 23, 2014).

Implementing SRFIs: SRFI-0 SRFI-1 SRFI-2 SRFI-4 SRFI-6 SRFI-8 SRFI-9 SRFI-13 SRFI-14 SRFI-16 SRFI-18 SRFI-19 SRFI-21 SRFI-22 SRFI-23 SRFI-27 SRFI-28 SRFI-30 SRFI-39 SRFI-40 SRFI-88 SRFI-95

The previous list was taken from the announcement of the release of Gambit-C 4.0 beta 22 (July 07, 2007).