[procedure] random real

ChezScheme: returns a nonnegative pseudo-random number less than real, which must be a positive integer or positive inexact real number.

See also random-seed

[procedure] random N

Chicken, STk: returns an exact random integer between 0 to n-1.

MzScheme: the same, except the range of N is limited between 0 and 2^31-1 inclusive.

See also randomize, random-seed, set-random-seed!.

[procedure] random n [state]

Guile: n can be a positive integer or a real number, and returns the same type of random number.

See also random:exp?, random:hollow-sphere!?, random:normal?, random:normal-vector!?, random:solid-sphere!?, random:uniform?, seed->random-state?, copy-random-state?.