[procedure] bitwise-and n1 ...

[procedure] bitwise-ior n1 ...

[procedure] bitwise-xor n1 ...

[procedure] bitwise-not n1

R6RS: Bitwise operations that operate on 2's complement representation of exact integers. See also fxand etc for fixnum-only ops. See also bitwise-arithmetic-shift.

If no arguments are given to bitwise-and, -1 is returned. If no arguments are given to bitwise-ior or bitwise-xor, 0 is returned.

[procedure] bitwise-and n1 n2

[procedure] bitwise-ior n1 n2

[procedure] bitwise-xor n1 n2

[procedure] bitwise-not n1

Chicken, Scheme48, Scsh, MzScheme: Similar, but the number of arguments for -and, -ior and -xor operations are fixed.

See also arithmetic-shift.

These are called logand etc, or bit-and etc, in some other implementations.