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8.3 Obsoleted modules

During the course of development of Gauche, some modules have been renamed, merged, or dissolved into the core. We list such modules here for the reference. New code shouldn’t use these modules, although they are kept in the distribution so that legacy code can keep running.

Module: text.unicode

Renamed to gauche.unicode. See Unicode utilities.

Module: util.list

Dissolved into the core. No longer needed.

Module: util.queue

Renamed to data.queue. See Queue.

Module: util.rbtree

Incorporated into the core as built-in object <tree-map>. See Treemaps.

The following procedures are aliases of the ones with replacing rbtree for tree-map, e.g. rbtree-get is the same as tree-map-get.

make-rbtree       rbtree?           rbtree-get        rbtree-put!
rbtree-delete!    rbtree-exists?    rbtree-empty?     rbtree-update!
rbtree-push!      rbtree-pop!       rbtree-num-entries rbtree->alist
alist->rbtree     rbtree-keys       rbtree-values     rbtree-copy
rbtree-fold       rbtree-fold-right

The following procedures are similar to tree-map-min, tree-map-max, tree-map-pop-min! and tree-map-pop-max!, respectively, except that the rbtree-* version takes an optional default argument and returns it when the tree is empty, and raise an error if no default argument is provided and tree is empty. (The tree-map version just returns #f for the empty tree.)

rbtree-min           rbtree-max
rbtree-extract-min!  rbtree-extract-max!

The following procedure doesn’t have corresponding API in tree-map. It checks internal consistency of the given tree-map.

Module: util.sparse

Renamed to data.sparse. See Sparse data containers.

Module: util.trie

Renamed to data.trie. See Trie.

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