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Appendix E Class Index

For readability, the surrounding < and > are stripped off.

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Index Entry  Section

/: Type expressions and type constructors

?: Type expressions and type constructors

^: Type expressions and type constructors

abandoned-mutex-exception: Thread exceptions
array: Arrays
array-base: Arrays

barrier: Barrier
bimap: Generic dictionaries
binary-heap: Heap
bitvector: Bitvectors
boolean: Booleans
bottom: Predefined classes
buffered-input-port: Virtual ports
buffered-output-port: Virtual ports

c128vector: Uniform vectors
c32vector: Uniform vectors
c64vector: Uniform vectors
cgen-node: Generating C source files
cgen-type: Conversions between Scheme and C
cgen-unit: Generating C source files
char: Characters
char-set: Character sets
class: Class instantiation
complex: Number classes
compound-condition: Conditions
concurrent-modification-violation: Thread exceptions
condition: Conditions
condition-meta: Conditions
condition-variable: Condition variable
continuation-violation: Conditions

date: SRFI-19 Date
dbi-connection: DBI user API
dbi-driver: DBI user API
dbi-query: DBI user API
dbm: Opening and closing a dbm database
dbm-meta: Opening and closing a dbm database
deflating-port: Zlib compression library
double: Native types

edn-object: EDN parsing and construction
error: Conditions

f16array: Arrays
f16vector: Uniform vectors
f32array: Arrays
f32vector: Uniform vectors
f64array: Arrays
f64vector: Uniform vectors
fixnum: Native types
float: Native types
fsdbm: File-system dbm
ftp-connection: FTP
ftp-error: FTP

gdbm: GDBM interface

hash-table: Hashtables
hmac: HMAC keyed-hashing
hook: Hooks
http-error: HTTP client

identifier: Identifiers
inflating-port: Zlib compression library
info-file: Accessing info document
info-node: Accessing info document
instance-pool-meta: Instance pools
instance-pool-mixin: Instance pools
int: Native types
int16: Native types
int32: Native types
int64: Native types
int8: Native types
integer: Number classes
io-closed-error: Conditions
io-error: Conditions
io-read-error: Conditions
io-unit-error: Conditions
io-write-error: Conditions

join-timeout-exception: Thread exceptions

keyword: Keywords

latch: Latch
List: Type expressions and type constructors
list: Pair and null class
listener: Listener
log-drain: User-level logging
long: Native types

mapping: Mappings
mbed-tls: Transport layer security
md5: MD5 message digest
mersenne-twister: Mersenne-Twister random number generator
message-condition: Conditions
message-digest-algorithm: Message digester framework
message-digest-algorithm-meta: Message digester framework
mime-message: MIME message handling
module: Module introspection
mtqueue: Queue
mutex: Mutex

ndbm: NDBM interface
null: Pair and null class
number: Number classes

object: Predefined classes
object-set-relation: Relation framework
odbm: Original DBM interface
off_t: Native types

pair: Pair and null class
port: Ports
port-error: Conditions
procedure: Procedure class and applicability
process: Process object
process-abnormal-exit: Process object
process-time-counter: Measure timings
propagate-meta: Propagating slot access
propagate-mixin: Propagating slot access
ptrdiff_t: Native types

queue: Queue

range: Range
range-meta: Range
rational: Number classes
rbtree: Obsolete and superseded modules
read-error: Conditions
real: Number classes
real-time-counter: Measure timings
regexp: Using regular expressions
regmatch: Using regular expressions
relation: Relation framework

s16array: Arrays
s16vector: Uniform vectors
s32array: Arrays
s32vector: Uniform vectors
s64array: Arrays
s64vector: Uniform vectors
s8array: Arrays
s8vector: Uniform vectors
scheduler: Scheduler
selector: Simple dispatcher
semaphore: Semaphore
serious-compound-condition: Conditions
serious-condition: Conditions
sha1: SHA message digest
sha224: SHA message digest
sha256: SHA message digest
sha384: SHA message digest
sha512: SHA message digest
short: Native types
simple-relation: Relation framework
singleton-meta: Singleton
singleton-mixin: Singleton
size_t: Native types
skew-list: Skew binary random-access lists
sockaddr: Socket address
sockaddr-in: Socket address
sockaddr-in6: Socket address
sockaddr-un: Socket address
socket: High-level network functions
sparse-f16matrix: Sparse matrixes
sparse-f16vector: Sparse vectors
sparse-f32matrix: Sparse matrixes
sparse-f32vector: Sparse vectors
sparse-f64matrix: Sparse matrixes
sparse-f64vector: Sparse vectors
sparse-matrix: Sparse matrixes
sparse-matrix-base: Sparse matrixes
sparse-s16matrix: Sparse matrixes
sparse-s16vector: Sparse vectors
sparse-s32matrix: Sparse matrixes
sparse-s32vector: Sparse vectors
sparse-s64matrix: Sparse matrixes
sparse-s64vector: Sparse vectors
sparse-s8matrix: Sparse matrixes
sparse-s8vector: Sparse vectors
sparse-table: Sparse tables
sparse-u16matrix: Sparse matrixes
sparse-u16vector: Sparse vectors
sparse-u32matrix: Sparse matrixes
sparse-u32vector: Sparse vectors
sparse-u64matrix: Sparse matrixes
sparse-u64vector: Sparse vectors
sparse-u8matrix: Sparse matrixes
sparse-u8vector: Sparse vectors
sparse-vector: Sparse vectors
sparse-vector-base: Sparse vectors
ssize_t: Native types
string: Strings
symbol: Symbols
sys-addrinfo: Netdb interface
sys-fdset: I/O multiplexing
sys-flock: Low-level file operations
sys-group: Unix groups and users
sys-hostent: Netdb interface
sys-passwd: Unix groups and users
sys-protoent: Netdb interface
sys-servent: Netdb interface
sys-sigset: Signals and signal sets
sys-stat: File stats
sys-statvfs: Low-level file operations
sys-termios: Posix termios interface
sys-tm: Time
system-error: Conditions
system-time-counter: Measure timings

terminated-thread-exception: Thread exceptions
thread: Thread procedures
thread-exception: Thread exceptions
thread-pool: Thread pools
time: Time
time: Time
time-counter: Measure timings
tls: Transport layer security
top: Predefined classes
tree-map: Treemaps
trie: Trie
Tuple: Type expressions and type constructors

u16array: Arrays
u16vector: Uniform vectors
u32array: Arrays
u32vector: Uniform vectors
u64array: Arrays
u64vector: Uniform vectors
u8array: Arrays
u8vector: Uniform vectors
uint: Native types
uint16: Native types
uint32: Native types
uint64: Native types
uint8: Native types
ulong: Native types
uncaught-exception: Thread exceptions
unhandled-signal-error: Conditions
user-time-counter: Measure timings
ushort: Native types

validator-meta: Slot with validator
Vector: Type expressions and type constructors
vector: Vectors
virtual-input-port: Virtual ports
virtual-output-port: Virtual ports
void: Native types
vt100: Text terminal control

weak-vector: Weak vectors
win:console-screen-buffer-info: Windows console API
win:input-record: Windows console API
windows-console: Text terminal control
write-controls: Output controls

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