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Appendix F Variable Index

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Index Entry  Section

&condition: Conditions
&error: Conditions
&io-closed-error: Conditions
&io-error: Conditions
&io-port-error: Conditions
&io-read-error: Conditions
&io-write-error: Conditions
&read-error: Conditions
&serious: Conditions

*af-inet*: Basic socket interface
*af-inet6*: Basic socket interface
*af-unspec*: Basic socket interface
*ai-addrconfig*: Basic socket interface
*ai-all*: Basic socket interface
*ai-canonname*: Basic socket interface
*ai-numerichost*: Basic socket interface
*ai-v4mapped*: Basic socket interface
*argv*: Command-line arguments
*ipproto-ip*: Basic socket interface
*ipproto-tcp*: Basic socket interface
*ipproto-udp*: Basic socket interface
*load-path*: Loading Scheme file
*msg-none*: Basic socket interface
*msg-oob*: Basic socket interface
*msg-peek*: Basic socket interface
*msg-waitall*: Basic socket interface
*primes*: Prime numbers
*program-name*: Command-line arguments
*rfc2396-unreserved-char-set*: URI parsing and construction
*rfc3986-unreserved-char-set*: URI parsing and construction
*rfc822-atext-chars*: RFC822 message parsing
*rfc822-standard-tokenizers*: RFC822 message parsing
*shut-rd*: Basic socket interface
*shut-rdwr*: Basic socket interface
*shut-wr*: Basic socket interface
*small-prime-bound*: Prime numbers
*sock-dgram*: Basic socket interface
*sock-stream*: Basic socket interface
*test-error*: Unit testing
*test-report-error*: Unit testing

1/pi: Mathematic constants
180/pi: Mathematic constants

@vector-comparator: Uvector basic operations

accessors of <class>: Class instantiation
addr of <sys-addrinfo>: Netdb interface
addresses of <sys-hostent>: Netdb interface
addrlen of <sys-addrinfo>: Netdb interface
AF_INET: Low-level socket interface
AF_INET6: Low-level socket interface
AF_UNIX: Low-level socket interface
aliases of <sys-hostent>: Netdb interface
aliases of <sys-servent>: Netdb interface
aliases of <sys-servent>: Netdb interface
atim of <sys-stat>: File stats
atime of <sys-stat>: File stats
attributes of <win:console-screen-buffer-info>: Windows console API

BACKGROUND_BLUE: Windows console API
BACKGROUND_RED: Windows console API
bag-comparator: R7RS sets
base of <write-controls>: Output controls
bavail of <sys-statvfs>: Low-level file operations
bfree of <sys-statvfs>: Low-level file operations
binary-input: POSIX API
binary-input/output: POSIX API
binary-output: POSIX API
blocks of <sys-statvfs>: Low-level file operations
boolean-comparator: Predefined comparators
bsize of <gdbm>: GDBM interface
bsize of <sys-statvfs>: Low-level file operations
buffer-block: POSIX API
buffer-line: POSIX API
buffer-none: POSIX API
bytevector-comparator: Predefined comparators

c-file of <cgen-unit>: Generating C source files
c128vector-comparator: Uvector basic operations
c32vector-comparator: Uvector basic operations
c64vector-comparator: Uvector basic operations
category of <class>: Class instantiation
cc of <sys-termios>: Posix termios interface
cflag of <sys-termios>: Posix termios interface
char-ci-comparator: Predefined comparators
char-comparator: Predefined comparators
char-set:ascii: Predefined character sets
char-set:ascii-blank: Predefined character sets
char-set:ascii-control: Predefined character sets
char-set:ascii-digit: Predefined character sets
char-set:ascii-graphic: Predefined character sets
char-set:ascii-letter: Predefined character sets
char-set:ascii-letter+digit: Predefined character sets
char-set:ascii-lower-case: Predefined character sets
char-set:ascii-printing: Predefined character sets
char-set:ascii-punctuation: Predefined character sets
char-set:ascii-symbol: Predefined character sets
char-set:ascii-upper-case: Predefined character sets
char-set:ascii-whitespace: Predefined character sets
char-set:ascii-word: Predefined character sets
char-set:blank: Predefined character sets
char-set:C: Predefined character sets
char-set:Cc: Predefined character sets
char-set:Cf: Predefined character sets
char-set:Cn: Predefined character sets
char-set:Co: Predefined character sets
char-set:Cs: Predefined character sets
char-set:digit: Predefined character sets
char-set:empty: Predefined character sets
char-set:full: Predefined character sets
char-set:graphic: Predefined character sets
char-set:hex-digit: Predefined character sets
char-set:iso-control: Predefined character sets
char-set:L: Predefined character sets
char-set:LC: Predefined character sets
char-set:letter: Predefined character sets
char-set:letter+digit: Predefined character sets
char-set:Ll: Predefined character sets
char-set:Lm: Predefined character sets
char-set:Lo: Predefined character sets
char-set:lower-case: Predefined character sets
char-set:Lt: Predefined character sets
char-set:Lu: Predefined character sets
char-set:M: Predefined character sets
char-set:Mc: Predefined character sets
char-set:Me: Predefined character sets
char-set:Mn: Predefined character sets
char-set:N: Predefined character sets
char-set:Nd: Predefined character sets
char-set:Nl: Predefined character sets
char-set:No: Predefined character sets
char-set:P: Predefined character sets
char-set:Pc: Predefined character sets
char-set:Pd: Predefined character sets
char-set:Pe: Predefined character sets
char-set:Pf: Predefined character sets
char-set:Pi: Predefined character sets
char-set:Po: Predefined character sets
char-set:printing: Predefined character sets
char-set:Ps: Predefined character sets
char-set:punctuation: Predefined character sets
char-set:S: Predefined character sets
char-set:Sc: Predefined character sets
char-set:Sk: Predefined character sets
char-set:Sm: Predefined character sets
char-set:So: Predefined character sets
char-set:symbol: Predefined character sets
char-set:title-case: Predefined character sets
char-set:upper-case: Predefined character sets
char-set:whitespace: Predefined character sets
char-set:word: Predefined character sets
char-set:Z: Predefined character sets
char-set:Zl: Predefined character sets
char-set:Zp: Predefined character sets
char-set:Zs: Predefined character sets
class of <sys-passwd>: Unix groups and users
close of <buffered-input-port>: Virtual ports
close of <buffered-output-port>: Virtual ports
close of <virtual-input-port>: Virtual ports
close of <virtual-output-port>: Virtual ports
col: R7RS combinator formatting
column of <read-error>: Conditions
comma-rule: R7RS combinator formatting
comma-sep: R7RS combinator formatting
complex-comparator: Predefined comparators
connection of <dbi-query>: DBI user API
content of <mime-part>: MIME message handling
count of <time-result>: Measure timings
cpl of <class>: Class instantiation
ctim of <sys-stat>: File stats
ctime of <sys-stat>: File stats
CTRL_BREAK_EVENT: Windows console API
CTRL_C_EVENT: Windows console API
cursor-position.x of <win:console-screen-buffer-info>: Windows console API
cursor-position.y of <win:console-screen-buffer-info>: Windows console API

day of <date>: SRFI-19 Date
decimal-align: R7RS combinator formatting
decimal-sep: R7RS combinator formatting
default-comparator: Predefined comparators
default-random-source: Sources of random bits
defined-modules of <class>: Class instantiation
dev of <sys-stat>: File stats
dir of <sys-passwd>: Unix groups and users
direct-methods of <class>: Class instantiation
direct-slots of <class>: Class instantiation
direct-subclasses of <class>: Class instantiation
direct-supers of <class>: Class instantiation
driver-name of <dbi-nonexistent-driver-error>: DBI user API

e: Mathematic constants
edn-comparator: EDN parsing and construction
ellipsis: R7RS combinator formatting
ENABLE_ECHO_INPUT: Windows console API
ENABLE_LINE_INPUT: Windows console API
environment of <listener>: Listener
eq-comparator: Predefined comparators
equal-comparator: Predefined comparators
eqv-comparator: Predefined comparators
errno of <system-error>: Conditions
error-handler of <listener>: Listener
error-port of <listener>: Listener
evaluator of <listener>: Listener
event-type of <win:input-record>: Windows console API
exact-integer-comparator: Predefined comparators

f16vector-comparator: Uvector basic operations
f32vector-comparator: Uvector basic operations
f64vector-comparator: Uvector basic operations
family of <sys-addrinfo>: Netdb interface
fatal-handler of <listener>: Listener
favail of <sys-statvfs>: Low-level file operations
FD_CLOEXEC: Low-level file operations
ffree of <sys-statvfs>: Low-level file operations
file-mode of <dbm>: Opening and closing a dbm database
filenum of <buffered-input-port>: Virtual ports
filenum of <buffered-output-port>: Virtual ports
files of <sys-statvfs>: Low-level file operations
FILE_SHARE_READ: Windows console API
FILE_SHARE_WRITE: Windows console API
fill of <buffered-input-port>: Virtual ports
finalizer of <listener>: Listener
fl: R7RS combinator formatting
fl-1/e: R7RS flonum
fl-1/log-10: R7RS flonum
fl-1/log-2: R7RS flonum
fl-1/log-phi: R7RS flonum
fl-1/pi: R7RS flonum
fl-1/sqrt-2: R7RS flonum
fl-2/pi: R7RS flonum
fl-2/sqrt-pi: R7RS flonum
fl-2pi: R7RS flonum
fl-4thrt-2: R7RS flonum
fl-cbrt-2: R7RS flonum
fl-cbrt-3: R7RS flonum
fl-cos-1: R7RS flonum
fl-degree: R7RS flonum
fl-e: R7RS flonum
fl-e-2: R7RS flonum
fl-e-euler: R7RS flonum
fl-e-pi/4: R7RS flonum
fl-epsilon: R7RS flonum
fl-euler: R7RS flonum
fl-fast-fl+*: R7RS flonum
fl-gamma-1/2: R7RS flonum
fl-gamma-1/3: R7RS flonum
fl-gamma-1/3: R7RS flonum
fl-gamma-2/3: R7RS flonum
fl-greatest: R7RS flonum
fl-integer-exponent-nan: R7RS flonum
fl-integer-exponent-zero: R7RS flonum
fl-least: R7RS flonum
fl-log-10: R7RS flonum
fl-log-2: R7RS flonum
fl-log-3: R7RS flonum
fl-log-phi: R7RS flonum
fl-log-pi: R7RS flonum
fl-log10-e: R7RS flonum
fl-log2-e: R7RS flonum
fl-phi: R7RS flonum
fl-pi: R7RS flonum
fl-pi-squared: R7RS flonum
fl-pi/2: R7RS flonum
fl-pi/4: R7RS flonum
fl-sin-1: R7RS flonum
fl-sqrt-10: R7RS flonum
fl-sqrt-2: R7RS flonum
fl-sqrt-3: R7RS flonum
fl-sqrt-5: R7RS flonum
flag of <sys-statvfs>: Low-level file operations
flags of <sys-addrinfo>: Netdb interface
flush of <buffered-output-port>: Virtual ports
flush of <virtual-output-port>: Virtual ports
focus.set-focus of <win:input-record>: Windows console API
FOREGROUND_BLUE: Windows console API
FOREGROUND_RED: Windows console API
frsize of <sys-statvfs>: Low-level file operations
fsid of <sys-statvfs>: Low-level file operations
fx-greatest: R7RS fixnum
fx-least: R7RS fixnum
fx-width: R7RS fixnum
F_DUPFD: Low-level file operations
F_GETFD: Low-level file operations
F_GETFL: Low-level file operations
F_GETLK: Low-level file operations
F_GETOWN: Low-level file operations
F_OK: File stats
F_RDLCK: Low-level file operations
F_SETFD: Low-level file operations
F_SETFL: Low-level file operations
F_SETLK: Low-level file operations
F_SETLKW: Low-level file operations
F_SETOWN: Low-level file operations
F_UNLCK: Low-level file operations
F_WRLCK: Low-level file operations

GDBM_FAST: GDBM interface
GDBM_NEWDB: GDBM interface
GDBM_SYNC: GDBM interface
gecos of <sys-passwd>: Unix groups and users
GENERIC_READ: Windows console API
GENERIC_WRITE: Windows console API
getb of <virtual-input-port>: Virtual ports
getc of <virtual-input-port>: Virtual ports
gets of <virtual-input-port>: Virtual ports
gid of <sys-group>: Unix groups and users
gid of <sys-passwd>: Unix groups and users
gid of <sys-stat>: File stats
group/unchanged: POSIX API

h-file of <cgen-unit>: Generating C source files
hashmap-comparator: Hashmaps
headers of <mime-part>: MIME message handling
hmac-block-size of <message-digest-algorithm-meta>: Message digester framework
hour of <date>: SRFI-19 Date
hour of <sys-tm>: Time

iflag of <sys-termios>: Posix termios interface
index of <mime-part>: MIME message handling
init-epilogue of <cgen-init>: Generating C source files
init-prologue of <cgen-unit>: Generating C source files
initargs of <class>: Class instantiation
ino of <sys-stat>: File stats
input-delay of <vt100>: Text terminal control
input-port of <listener>: Listener
integer-comparator: Predefined comparators
iport of <vt100>: Text terminal control
isdst of <sys-tm>: Time

key-convert of <dbm>: Opening and closing a dbm database
key.ascii-char of <win:input-record>: Windows console API
key.control-key-state of <win:input-record>: Windows console API
key.down of <win:input-record>: Windows console API
key.repeat-count of <win:input-record>: Windows console API
key.unicode-char of <win:input-record>: Windows console API
key.virtual-key-code of <win:input-record>: Windows console API
key.virtual-scan-code of <win:input-record>: Windows console API

LC_ALL: Locale
LC_CTYPE: Locale
LC_TIME: Locale
len of <sys-flock>: Low-level file operations
length of <queue>: Queue
length of <write-controls>: Output controls
level of <write-controls>: Output controls
lflag of <sys-termios>: Posix termios interface
line of <read-error>: Conditions
list-comparator: Predefined comparators
lock-file-name of <lock-file-failure>: Lock files
lock-policy of <log-drain>: User-level logging
log-drain of <ftp-connection>: FTP

mapping-comparator: Mappings
max-length of <mtqueue>: Queue
maximum-window-size.x of <win:console-screen-buffer-info>: Windows console API
maximum-window-size.y of <win:console-screen-buffer-info>: Windows console API
mday of <sys-tm>: Time
mem of <sys-group>: Unix groups and users
menu.command-id of <win:input-record>: Windows console API
message of <message-condition>: Conditions
message of <parse-error>: PEG parser drivers
min of <sys-tm>: Time
minute of <date>: SRFI-19 Date
mode of <sys-stat>: File stats
mon of <sys-tm>: Time
month of <date>: SRFI-19 Date
mouse.button-state of <win:input-record>: Windows console API
mouse.control-key-state of <win:input-record>: Windows console API
mouse.event-flags of <win:input-record>: Windows console API
mouse.x of <win:input-record>: Windows console API
mouse.y of <win:input-record>: Windows console API
MSG_CTRUNC: Low-level socket interface
MSG_DONTROUTE: Low-level socket interface
MSG_EOR: Low-level socket interface
MSG_OOB: Low-level socket interface
MSG_PEEK: Low-level socket interface
MSG_TRUNC: Low-level socket interface
MSG_WAITALL: Low-level socket interface
mtim of <sys-stat>: File stats
mtime of <sys-stat>: File stats
mutex of <abandoned-mutex-exception>: Thread exceptions

name of <cgen-unit>: Generating C source files
name of <class>: Class instantiation
name of <condition-variable>: Synchronization primitives
name of <mutex>: Synchronization primitives
name of <sys-group>: Unix groups and users
name of <sys-hostent>: Netdb interface
name of <sys-passwd>: Unix groups and users
name of <sys-servent>: Netdb interface
name of <sys-servent>: Netdb interface
name of <thread>: Thread procedures
namemax of <sys-statvfs>: Low-level file operations
nanosecond of <date>: SRFI-19 Date
nanosecond of <time>: Time
nl: R7RS combinator formatting
nlink of <sys-stat>: File stats
nolock of <gdbm>: GDBM interface
nothing: R7RS combinator formatting
num-instance-slots of <class>: Class instantiation
number-comparator: Predefined comparators

object of <json-construct-error>: JSON parsing and construction
objects of <parse-error>: PEG parser drivers
oflag of <sys-termios>: Posix termios interface
open/append: POSIX API
open/create: POSIX API
open/exclusive: POSIX API
open/nofollow: POSIX API
open/truncate: POSIX API
oport of <vt100>: Text terminal control
output: R7RS combinator formatting
output-port of <listener>: Listener
owner/unchanged: POSIX API
O_ACCMODE: Low-level file operations
O_APPEND: Low-level file operations
O_CLOEXEC: Low-level file operations
O_CREAT: Low-level file operations
O_EXCL: Low-level file operations
O_NOCTTY: Low-level file operations
O_NOFOLLOW: Low-level file operations
O_NONBLOCK: Low-level file operations
O_RDONLY: Low-level file operations
O_RDWR: Low-level file operations
O_TRUNC: Low-level file operations
O_WRONLY: Low-level file operations

pad-char: R7RS combinator formatting
pair-comparator: Predefined comparators
parameters of <mime-part>: MIME message handling
parent of <mime-part>: MIME message handling
passive of <ftp-connection>: FTP
passwd of <sys-group>: Unix groups and users
passwd of <sys-passwd>: Unix groups and users
path of <dbm>: Opening and closing a dbm database
path of <log-drain>: User-level logging
payload of <edn-object>: EDN parsing and construction
perm of <sys-stat>: File stats
PF_INET: Low-level socket interface
PF_INET6: Low-level socket interface
PF_UNIX: Low-level socket interface
pi: Mathematic constants
pi/180: Mathematic constants
pi/2: Mathematic constants
pi/4: Mathematic constants
pid of <sys-flock>: Low-level file operations
pool of <thread-pool-shut-down>: Thread pools
port: R7RS combinator formatting
port of <port-error>: Conditions
port of <read-error>: Conditions
port of <sys-servent>: Netdb interface
position of <json-parse-error>: JSON parsing and construction
position of <parse-error>: PEG parser drivers
position of <read-error>: Conditions
preamble of <cgen-unit>: Generating C source files
precision: R7RS combinator formatting
prefix of <log-drain>: User-level logging
prepared of <dbi-query>: DBI user API
pretty of <write-controls>: Output controls
printer of <listener>: Listener
process of <process-abnormal-exit>: Process object
program-name of <log-drain>: User-level logging
prompter of <listener>: Listener
proto of <sys-servent>: Netdb interface
proto of <sys-servent>: Netdb interface
protocol of <sys-addrinfo>: Netdb interface
putb of <virtual-output-port>: Virtual ports
putc of <virtual-output-port>: Virtual ports
puts of <virtual-output-port>: Virtual ports

radix: R7RS combinator formatting
radix of <write-controls>: Output controls
RAND_MAX: Miscellaneous system calls
rational-comparator: Predefined comparators
rdev of <sys-stat>: File stats
reader of <listener>: Listener
ready of <buffered-input-port>: Virtual ports
ready of <virtual-input-port>: Virtual ports
real of <time-result>: Measure timings
real-comparator: Predefined comparators
reason of <uncaught-exception>: Thread exceptions
redefined of <class>: Class instantiation
row: R7RS combinator formatting
rw-mode of <dbm>: Opening and closing a dbm database
R_OK: File stats

s16vector-comparator: Uvector basic operations
s32vector-comparator: Uvector basic operations
s64vector-comparator: Uvector basic operations
s8vector-comparator: Uvector basic operations
sec of <sys-tm>: Time
second of <date>: SRFI-19 Date
second of <time>: Time
seek of <buffered-input-port>: Virtual ports
seek of <buffered-output-port>: Virtual ports
seek of <virtual-input-port>: Virtual ports
seek of <virtual-output-port>: Virtual ports
set-comparator: R7RS sets
shell of <sys-passwd>: Unix groups and users
SIGABRT: Signals and signal sets
SIGALRM: Signals and signal sets
SIGBUS: Signals and signal sets
SIGCHLD: Signals and signal sets
SIGCONT: Signals and signal sets
SIGFPE: Signals and signal sets
SIGHUP: Signals and signal sets
SIGILL: Signals and signal sets
SIGINT: Signals and signal sets
SIGIO: Signals and signal sets
SIGIOT: Signals and signal sets
SIGKILL: Signals and signal sets
sign-rule: R7RS combinator formatting
signal of <unhandled-signal-error>: Conditions
SIGPIPE: Signals and signal sets
SIGPOLL: Signals and signal sets
SIGPROF: Signals and signal sets
SIGPWR: Signals and signal sets
SIGQUIT: Signals and signal sets
SIGSEGV: Signals and signal sets
SIGSTKFLT: Signals and signal sets
SIGSTOP: Signals and signal sets
SIGTERM: Signals and signal sets
SIGTRAP: Signals and signal sets
SIGTSTP: Signals and signal sets
SIGTTIN: Signals and signal sets
SIGTTOU: Signals and signal sets
SIGURG: Signals and signal sets
SIGUSR1: Signals and signal sets
SIGUSR2: Signals and signal sets
SIGVTALRM: Signals and signal sets
SIGWINCH: Signals and signal sets
SIGXCPU: Signals and signal sets
SIGXFSZ: Signals and signal sets
size of <sys-stat>: File stats
size.x of <win:console-screen-buffer-info>: Windows console API
size.y of <win:console-screen-buffer-info>: Windows console API
skew-list-null: Skew binary random-access lists
slots of <class>: Class instantiation
socktype of <sys-addrinfo>: Netdb interface
SOCK_DGRAM: Low-level socket interface
SOCK_RAW: Low-level socket interface
SOCK_STREAM: Low-level socket interface
SOL_IP: Low-level socket interface
SOL_SOCKET: Low-level socket interface
SOL_TCP: Low-level socket interface
source of <mime-part>: MIME message handling
SO_BROADCAST: Low-level socket interface
SO_ERROR: Low-level socket interface
SO_KEEPALIVE: Low-level socket interface
SO_OOBINLINE: Low-level socket interface
SO_PRIORITY: Low-level socket interface
SO_REUSEADDR: Low-level socket interface
SO_TYPE: Low-level socket interface
span of <read-error>: Conditions
specific of <condition-variable>: Synchronization primitives
specific of <mutex>: Synchronization primitives
specific of <thread>: Thread procedures
sql-string of <sql-parse-error>: SQL parsing and construction
ssax:Prefix-XML: SSAX low-level parsing code
SSL_OBJ_PKCS12: Transport layer security
SSL_OBJ_PKCS8: Transport layer security
SSL_OBJ_RSA_KEY: Transport layer security
SSL_OBJ_X509_CACERT: Transport layer security
SSL_OBJ_X509_CERT: Transport layer security
start of <sys-flock>: Low-level file operations
state of <mutex>: Synchronization primitives
STD_ERROR_HANDLE: Windows console API
STD_INPUT_HANDLE: Windows console API
STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE: Windows console API
stream-null: Stream primitives
string-ci-comparator: Predefined comparators
string-comparator: Predefined comparators
string-width: R7RS combinator formatting
ST_NOSUID: Low-level file operations
ST_RDONLY: Low-level file operations
subtype of <mime-part>: MIME message handling
sync of <gdbm>: GDBM interface
sys of <time-result>: Measure timings
syslog-facility of <log-drain>: User-level logging
syslog-option of <log-drain>: User-level logging
syslog-priority of <log-drain>: User-level logging

tag of <edn-object>: EDN parsing and construction
TCIFLUSH: Posix termios interface
TCIOFF: Posix termios interface
TCIOFLUSH: Posix termios interface
TCION: Posix termios interface
TCOFLUSH: Posix termios interface
TCOOFF: Posix termios interface
TCOON: Posix termios interface
TCSADRAIN: Posix termios interface
TCSAFLUSH: Posix termios interface
TCSANOW: Posix termios interface
terminator of <terminated-thread-exception>: Thread exceptions
textual-input: POSIX API
textual-output: POSIX API
thread of <thread-exception>: Thread exceptions
time-duration: SRFI-19 Time types
time-monotonic: SRFI-19 Time types
time-process: SRFI-19 Time types
time-tai: SRFI-19 Time types
time-thread: SRFI-19 Time types
time-utc: SRFI-19 Time types
time/now: POSIX API
time/unchanged: POSIX API
token of <parse-error>: PEG parser drivers
transfer-encoding of <mime-part>: MIME message handling
transfer-type of <ftp-connection>: FTP
type of <mime-part>: MIME message handling
type of <parse-error>: PEG parser drivers
type of <sys-flock>: Low-level file operations
type of <sys-stat>: File stats
type of <time>: Time

u16vector-comparator: Uvector basic operations
u32vector-comparator: Uvector basic operations
u64vector-comparator: Uvector basic operations
u8vector-comparator: Uvector basic operations
uid of <sys-passwd>: Unix groups and users
uid of <sys-stat>: File stats
user of <time-result>: Measure timings
uuid-comparator: UUID
uvector-comparator: Predefined comparators

value-convert of <dbm>: Opening and closing a dbm database
vector-comparator: Predefined comparators

wday of <sys-tm>: Time
whence of <sys-flock>: Low-level file operations
width: R7RS combinator formatting
width of <write-controls>: Output controls
window-buffer-size.x of <win:input-record>: Windows console API
window-buffer-size.y of <win:input-record>: Windows console API
window.bottom of <win:console-screen-buffer-info>: Windows console API
window.left of <win:console-screen-buffer-info>: Windows console API
window.right of <win:console-screen-buffer-info>: Windows console API of <win:console-screen-buffer-info>: Windows console API
word-separator?: R7RS combinator formatting
writer: R7RS combinator formatting
W_OK: File stats

X_OK: File stats

yday of <sys-tm>: Time
year of <date>: SRFI-19 Date
year of <sys-tm>: Time

zone-offset of <date>: SRFI-19 Date
Z_ASCII: Zlib compression library
Z_BEST_COMPRESSION: Zlib compression library
Z_BEST_SPEED: Zlib compression library
Z_BINARY: Zlib compression library
Z_DEFAULT_COMPRESSION: Zlib compression library
Z_DEFAULT_STRATEGY: Zlib compression library
Z_FILTERED: Zlib compression library
Z_FIXED: Zlib compression library
Z_HUFFMAN_ONLY: Zlib compression library
Z_NO_COMPRESSION: Zlib compression library
Z_RLE: Zlib compression library
Z_TEXT: Zlib compression library
Z_UNKNOWN: Zlib compression library

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