For Gauche 0.9.5

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9.20 gauche.package - Package metainformation

Module: gauche.package

Gauche manages extra libraries and extension modules as packages.

Each package source tree has package.scm on top directory, which contains define-gauche-package form that provides metainformation about the package—the package name, veirson, author, dependencies, etc.

When the package is installed, the standard installation process copies that information, with additional information such as the version of Gauche used to build the package, into .packages subdirectory of the library installation path, with the name PACKAGENAME.gpd, where PACKAGENAME is the name of the package.

We collectively call package.scm and *.gpd as package description file.

This module provides utility procedures to read and write package description files, and search installed *.gpd files.

define-gauche-package form

configure script and *.gpd file generation

Utility procedures

Function: <gauche-package-description>
Function: path->gauche-package-description filename
Function: write-gauche-package-description description :optional oport
Function: make-gauche-package-description
Function: gauche-package-description-paths :key all-versions
Function: find-gauche-package-description name :key all-versions

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