For Gauche 0.9.5

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12.21 dbm.odbm - Original DBM interface

Module: dbm.odbm

Provides interface to the legacy dbm library. Extends dbm.

Class: <odbm>

Inherits <dbm>. Provides an implementation for legacy DBM library. This module is only installed when your system already has DBM.

The biggest limitation of the legacy DBM is that you can only open one database at a time. You can create a multiple <odbm> instances, but you can open at most one of it at a time, or you’ll get an error.

Besides the unified DBM interface (see Generic DBM interface), this module provides the following low-level functions that provides direct access to the dbm API. See dbm manual for details of these APIs.

Function: odbm-init path
Function: odbm-close
Function: odbm-store key value
Function: odbm-fetch key
Function: odbm-delete key
Function: odbm-firstkey
Function: odbm-nextkey key

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