For Gauche 0.9.10

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8 Library modules - Overview

In the following chapters, we explain library modules bundled with Gauche’s distribution. These modules should generally be loaded and imported (usually using use - See Using modules, for details), unless otherwise noted.

Some modules are described as "autoloaded". That means you don’t need to load or use the module explicitly; at the first time the bindings are used in the program, the module is automatically loaded and imported. See Autoload, for the details of autoloading.

As the number of bundled libraries grows, it becomes harder to find the one you need. If you feel lost, check out the section Finding libraries you need, in which we categorize libraries by their purposes.

The following four chapters describe bundled modules, grouped by their names.

There are a few procedures that help your program to check the existence of certain modules or libraries at run-time. See Operations on libraries, for the details.

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