For Gauche 0.9.10

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10 Library modules - R7RS standard libraries

Gauche predates R7RS, and for the convenience, Gauche makes quite a few procedures as built-in (see Core library). Although the set of Gauche’s core features are mostly superset of R7RS, some functions and syntaxes have different names and/or interface from R7RS.

R7RS fully-compatible syntaxes and functions are available in the set of modules described in this chapter. Since R7RS programs and libraries needs to follow a specific format (import declaration or define-library form), generally there’s no ambiguity in whether you’re looking at R7RS code or Gauche-specific code. Also, it is totally transparent to load R7RS library into Gauche-specific code or vice versa. However, you need to be aware of which “world” you’re in when you code.

If you’re familiar with Gauche, take a look at the section R7RS integration, which describes how you can go back and forth between Gauche and R7RS.

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