For Gauche 0.9.10

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11.21 srfi-101 - Purely functional random-access pairs and lists

Module: srfi-101

SRFI-101 has become a part of R7RS large. See R7RS random-access lists.

Special treatment of cond-expand: The feature conditional cond-expand implicitly makes the checked library loaded if available. That is, you can usually say (cond-expand (srfi-N <code>)) where <code> can assume srfi-N is already available, without saying (use srfi-N).

However, srfi-101 exports the names that conflicts with standard primitive pair and list operators, and it is generally useless to import it without prefix or renaming. Currently cond-expand has no way to specify such renaming, so we don’t import srfi-101 by cond-expand. You have to say (cond-expand (srfi-101 (use srfi-101 :prefix ra:))), for example.

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