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Appendix C Module Index

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B Binary I/O
binary.pack: Packing binary data

compat.chibi-test: Running Chibi-scheme test suite
compat.norational: Rational-less arithmetic
compat.real-elementary-functions: Backward-compatible real elementary functions
control.cseq: Concurrent sequences
control.future: Futures
control.job: A common job descriptor for control modules Plumbing ports
control.pmap: Parallel map
control.scheduler: Scheduler
control.thread-pool: Thread pools
crypt.bcrypt: Password hashing

data.cache: Cache
data.heap: Heap
data.ideque: Immutable deques
data.imap: Immutable map
data.priority-map: Priority map
data.queue: Queue
data.random: Random data generators
data.range: Range
data.ring-buffer: Ring buffer
data.skew-list: Skew binary random-access lists
data.sparse: Sparse data containers
data.trie: Trie
data.ulid: Universally unique lexicographically sortable identifier
data.ulid: Universally unique lexicographically sortable identifier
data.ulid: Universally unique lexicographically sortable identifier
data.ulid: Universally unique lexicographically sortable identifier
data.ulid: Universally unique lexicographically sortable identifier
data.ulid: Universally unique lexicographically sortable identifier
data.ulid: Universally unique lexicographically sortable identifier
data.ulid: Universally unique lexicographically sortable identifier
data.ulid: Universally unique lexicographically sortable identifier
data.ulid: Universally unique lexicographically sortable identifier
data.ulid: Universally unique lexicographically sortable identifier
data.ulid: Universally unique lexicographically sortable identifier
dbi: Database independent access layer
dbm: Generic DBM interface
dbm.fsdbm: File-system dbm
dbm.gdbm: GDBM interface
dbm.ndbm: NDBM interface
dbm.odbm: Original DBM interface

file.filter: Filtering file content
file.util: Filesystem utilities

gauche: Predefined modules
gauche.array: Arrays
gauche.base: Importing gauche built-ins
gauche.bitvector: Bitvector utilities
gauche.cgen: Generating C code
gauche.charconv: Character code conversion
gauche.collection: Collection framework
gauche.config: Configuration parameters
gauche.configure: Generating build files
gauche.connection: Connection framework
gauche.dictionary: Dictionary framework
gauche.fcntl: Low-level file operations
gauche.generator: Generators
gauche.hook: Hooks
gauche.interactive: Interactive session
gauche.keyword: Predefined modules
gauche.lazy: Lazy sequence utilities
gauche.listener: Listener
gauche.logger: User-level logging
gauche.mop.instance-pool: Instance pools
gauche.mop.propagate: Propagating slot access
gauche.mop.singleton: Singleton
gauche.mop.validator: Slot with validator Networking
gauche.package: Package metainformation
gauche.parameter: Parameters (legacy)
gauche.parseopt: Parsing command-line options
gauche.partcont: Partial continuations
gauche.process: High-level process interface
gauche.record: Record types
gauche.reload: Reloading modules
gauche.selector: Simple dispatcher
gauche.sequence: Sequence framework
gauche.syslog: Syslog
gauche.termios: Terminal control
gauche.test: Unit testing
gauche.threads: Threads
gauche.time: Measure timings
gauche.unicode: Unicode utilities
gauche.uvector: Uniform vector library
gauche.version: Comparing version numbers
gauche.vport: Virtual ports

keyword: Predefined modules

math.const: Mathematical constants Mersenne-Twister random number generator Prime numbers
math.simplex: Simplex solver

null: Predefined modules

O Windows support

parser.peg: PEG parser combinators

rfc.822: RFC822 message parsing
rfc.base64: Base64 encoding/decoding
rfc.cookie: HTTP cookie handling
rfc.ftp: FTP
rfc.hmac: HMAC keyed-hashing
rfc.http: HTTP client
rfc.icmp: ICMP packets
rfc.ip: IP packets
rfc.json: JSON parsing and construction
rfc.md5: MD5 message digest
rfc.mime: MIME message handling
rfc.quoted-printable: Quoted-printable encoding/decoding
rfc.sha: SHA message digest
rfc.sha1: SHA message digest
rfc.tls: Transport layer security
rfc.uri: URI parsing and construction
rfc.uuid: UUID
rfc.zlib: Zlib compression library

scheme: Predefined modules
scheme.base: R7RS base library
scheme.bitwise: R7RS bitwise operations R7RS boxes
scheme.bytevector: R7RS bytevectors R7RS case-lambda
scheme.char: R7RS char library
scheme.charset: R7RS character sets
scheme.comparator: R7RS comparators
scheme.complex: R7RS complex numbers
scheme.cxr: R7RS cxr accessors
scheme.division: R7RS integer division
scheme.ephemeron: R7RS ephemerons
scheme.eval: R7RS eval
scheme.file: R7RS file library
scheme.finxum: R7RS fixnum
scheme.flonum: R7RS flonum
scheme.generator: R7RS generators
scheme.hash-table: R7RS hash tables
scheme.ideque: R7RS immutable deques
scheme.ilist: R7RS immutable lists
scheme.inexact: R7RS inexact numbers
scheme.lazy: R7RS lazy evaluation
scheme.list: R7RS lists
scheme.list-queue: R7RS list queues
scheme.load: R7RS load
scheme.lseq: R7RS lazy sequences
scheme.mapping: R7RS mappings
scheme.mapping.hash: R7RS mappings
scheme.process-context: R7RS process context
scheme.r5rs: R5RS compatibility R7RS read
scheme.regex: R7RS regular expressions
scheme.repl: R7RS repl
scheme.rlist: R7RS random-access lists
scheme.set: R7RS sets R7RS combinator formatting
scheme.sort: R7RS sort R7RS stream
scheme.text: R7RS immutable texts
scheme.time: R7RS time
scheme.vector: R7RS vectors
scheme.vector.base: R7RS uniform vectors
scheme.vector.c128: R7RS uniform vectors
scheme.vector.c64: R7RS uniform vectors
scheme.vector.f32: R7RS uniform vectors
scheme.vector.f64: R7RS uniform vectors
scheme.vector.s16: R7RS uniform vectors
scheme.vector.s32: R7RS uniform vectors
scheme.vector.s64: R7RS uniform vectors
scheme.vector.s8: R7RS uniform vectors
scheme.vector.u16: R7RS uniform vectors
scheme.vector.u32: R7RS uniform vectors
scheme.vector.u64: R7RS uniform vectors
scheme.vector.u8: R7RS uniform vectors
scheme.write: R7RS write
slib: SLIB
srfi.101: Purely functional random-access pairs and lists
srfi.106: Basic socket interface
srfi.112: Portable runtime environment inquiry
srfi.114: Comparators
srfi.118: Simple adjustable-size strings
srfi.120: Timer APIs
srfi.129: Titlecase procedures
srfi.13: String library
srfi.130: Cursor-based string library
srfi.152: String library (reduced)
srfi.154: First-class dynamic extents
srfi.160: Homogeneous numeric vector libraries
srfi.162: Comparator sublibrary
srfi.170: POSIX API
srfi.172: Two safer subsets of R7RS
srfi.172.functional: Two safer subsets of R7RS
srfi.173: Hooks (srfi)
srfi.174: POSIX timespecs
srfi.175: ASCII character library
srfi.178: Bitvector library
srfi.180: JSON
srfi.181: Custom ports
srfi.185: Linear adjustable-length strings
srfi.189: Maybe and Either optional container types
srfi.19: Time data types and procedures
srfi.192: Port positioning
srfi.193: Command line
srfi.194: Random data generators (SRFI)
srfi.196: Range objects
srfi.197: Pipeline operators
srfi.207: String-notated bytevectors
srfi.209: Enums and enum sets
srfi.210: Procedures and syntax for multiple values
srfi.215: Central log exchange
srfi.216: SICP prerequisites
srfi.217: Integer sets
srfi.219: Define higher-order lambda
srfi.221: Generator/accumulator sub-library
srfi.222: Compound objects
srfi.226: Control features
srfi.227: Optional arguments
srfi.227.definitions: Optional arguments
srfi.228: Composing comparators
srfi.229: Tagged procedures
srfi.232: Flexible curried procedures
srfi.235: Combinators (SRFI)
srfi.238: Codesets
srfi.239: Destructuring lists
srfi.247: Syntactic monads
srfi.27: Sources of random bits
srfi.29: Localization
srfi.29.bundle: Localization
srfi.29.format: Localization
srfi.37: A program argument processor
srfi.4: Homogeneous vectors
srfi.42: Eager comprehensions
srfi.43: Vector library (Legacy)
srfi.5: A compatible let form with signatures and rest arguments
srfi.55: Requiring extensions
srfi.60: Integers as bits
srfi.64: A Scheme API for test suites
srfi.66: Octet vectors
srfi.69: Basic hash tables
srfi.7: Feature-based program configuration language
srfi.74: Octet-addressed binary blocks
srfi.78: Lightweight testing
srfi.98: Accessing environment variables
sxml.serializer: Serializing XML and HTML from SXML
sxml.ssax: Functional XML parser
sxml.sxpath: SXML query language Manipulating SXML structure

text.console: Text terminal control
text.csv: CSV tables
text.diff: Calculate difference of text streams
text.edn: EDN parsing and construction
text.external-editor: Running external editor Gap buffer
text.gettext: Localized messages
text.html-lite: Simple HTML document construction Accessing info document
text.multicolumn: Multicolumn formatting
text.pager: Display with pager
text.parse: Parsing input stream
text.progress: Showing progress on text terminals
text.segmented-match: Segmented string matching
text.sql: SQL parsing and construction
text.template: Simple template expander Transliterate characters
text.tree: Lazy text construction
text.unicode: Obsolete and superseded modules

user: Predefined modules
util.combinations: Combination library
util.digest: Message digester framework
util.dominator: Calculate dominator tree
util.isomorph: Determine isomorphism
util.lcs: The longest common subsequence
util.levenshtein: Levenshtein edit distance
util.list: Obsolete and superseded modules
util.match: Pattern matching
util.queue: Obsolete and superseded modules
util.rbtree: Obsolete and superseded modules
util.record: SLIB-compatible record type
util.relation: Relation framework
util.sparse: Obsolete and superseded modules Stream library
util.temporal-relation: Temporal relation
util.toposort: Topological sort
util.trie: Obsolete and superseded modules
util.unification: Unification

www.cgi: CGI utility
www.cgi.test: CGI testing

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