For Gauche 0.9.10

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11.40 srfi-193 - Command line

Module: srfi-193

This srfi clarifying how the command line arguments can be accessed via R7RS command-line, plus a few supporting APIs.

The following procedures are built-in. See Command-line arguments, for the details.

command-line          script-file
Function: command-name

[SRFI-193] {srfi-193} If the first element of command-line is an empty string, returns #f. Otherwise, returns the first element without directory name and obvious extension (.scm, .exe) stripped.

This is useful for diagnostic messages, for example.

Function: command-args

[SRFI-193] {srfi-193} Returns the cdr of command-line.

Function: script-directory

[SRFI-193] {srfi-193} Returns the directory part of script-file. It always ends with the directory separator.

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