[syntax] record-case exp clause1 clause2 ...

ChezScheme: A restricted form of case that supports the destructuring of records, or tagged lists.

  (define calc
    (lambda (x)
      (record-case x
        [(add) (x y) (+ x y)]
        [(sub) (x y) (- x y)]
        [(mul) (x y) (* x y)]
        [(div) (x y) (/ x y)]
        [else (error 'calc "invalid expression ~s" x)]))) 
  (calc '(add 3 4)) ==> 7
  (calc '(div 3 4)) ==> 3/4 

[syntax] record-case exp ((head1 var1 ...) body ...) [(else body ...)

Chicken: dispatches the execution depending on the record type of exp, with binding its field to var1 .... This is different thing from Chez's record-case.

See also define-record.