[procedure] alist->hash-table alist [equal? hash args ...]

SRFI-69: Takes an `association list' alist and creates a hash table hash-table which maps the car of every element in alist to the cdr of corresponding elements in alist. equal?, hash, and args are interpreted as in make-hash-table. If some key occurs multiple times in alist, the value in the first association will take precedence over later ones. (Note: the choice of using cdr (instead of cadr) for values tries to strike balance between the two approaches: using cadr would render this procedure unusable for cdr alists, but not vice versa.)

The rest args are passed to make-hash-table and can thus be used for implementation-specific extensions.

[procedure] alist->hash-table alist [equal? hash size-hint]


[procedure] alist->hash-table alist [cmp]