Scheme Cross Reference Directory

This site is a directory of Scheme syntax, procedures, and variables found in Scheme implementations. See WhatIsSchemeCrossReference for further explanations of this site.

The entire directory is on a Wiki - anybody can edit any pages. If you find errors, want to add entries, or want to add descriptions, please feel free to click Edit button above and fix things. See EditGuideline for some guidelines. The Wiki engine used here is WiLiKi, a Scheme-based wiki clone.

If you have something to say about this Wiki site itself (like ideas for improvements), please drop a line in the Discussion page.

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This site is a part of Practical Scheme, maintained by Shiro Kawai (shiro at acm dot org).

(Recently, some people try to download entire contents of this site using some kind of web spider tool. It's not an efficient way to get the contents. If you want to browse the contents locally, drop me an e-mail and I'll send you the snapshot of database).