[procedure] ucs2-string? obj

Bigloo: true if obj is a ucs2 string.

Bigloo has distinct types for ucs2 and ascii (byte) strings. Ucs2 string can't be read. But utf8 string can be read with syntax #u"..." (see #u), and can be converted to ucs2 string or vice versa (see ucs2-string->utf8-string, utf8-string->ucs2-string).

UCS2 string has specialized operations reflecting standard string operations: make-ucs2-string, ucs2-string, ucs2-string-length, ucs2-string-ref, ucs2-string-set!, ucs2-string=?, ucs2-string-ci=?, ucs2-string<?, ucs2-string-ci<?, ucs2-string<=?, ucs2-string-ci<=?, ucs2-string>?, ucs2-string-ci>?, ucs2-string>=?, ucs2-string-ci>=?, subucs2-string, ucs2-string-append, ucs2-string->list, list->ucs2-string, ucs2-string-copy, ucs2-string-fill!, ucs2-string-downcase, ucs2-string-downcase!, ucs2-string-upcase, ucs2-string-upcase!.

See also ucs2? for ucs2 character routines.