Editing Entries

  • Click Edit link on the top-right of any page and you're in the editing mode. The text formatting rule is shown below the textarea.
  • Take a look at the editing screen of existing entries and it will give you a good idea of how it works.
  • If your Scheme has the feature with the same name of existing entry but implements different interface/function, you can write an entry like define-module.
  • If somebody else edits the page simultaneously, both edits are merged if possible. If two modification conflicts, the one that commits later will be notified so, and asked to edit again.
  • There are several macros to help to write entries. See WiLiKi:Macros.

Adding Entries

  • Use the procedure name or syntactic keyword name as WikiName. You can use most ASCII caracters as a WikiName in WiLiKi. One exception is '$': you can't create an entry with '$' in it (for now).
  • If you want to add an entry that is in the listed implementations, go to that implementation page, click Edit, and add the entry name like [[entry]] and commit. It automatically becomes a hyperlink. If there's no entry yet, it shows a question mark with a link after entry; clicking a link brings up a new editing screen. (In order to add a new page, the page should already be referenced from some other pages).
  • Your entry will appear in the relevant index page automatically.
  • To remove a page, just erase everything and commit.

Adding New Implementation

  • If you want to add a new implementation, you need more work. First, go to the page _SidePane and adds a link to the implementation name (e.g. [[my-scheme]]). Commit it, then follow the question mark to enter the data into the new page. See other implementation's pages to get ideas.
  • Even if some entries are already in the database, you want to check it, for the function may work differently in other implementations.