[syntax] import name

ChezScheme, STk, STklos, Gauche: Imports bindings exported from module name.

Chez's import affects local bindings, while STklos and Guile's affect only the global bindings.

  (module m (y) (define y 'm-y))
  (let ((x 'local-x) (y 'local-y))
    (import m)
    (list x y)) ==> (local-x m-y)
  (define-module m (export y) (define y 'm-y))
  (let ((x 'local-x) (y 'local-y))
    (import m)
    (list x y)) ==> (local-x local-y)

In other words, Chez's import works as if the bindings that are exported from the module are inserted where the import form appears.

See also module, define-module, import-only, Gauche:ModuleSystem, STklos:ModuleSystem?.

[module clause] import (module import ...) ...

[module clause] import module

Chicken: Can only appear in the module clause of define-module. Imports symbol from module. import can be a symbol or (symbol rename). You can selectively import symbols, optionally renaming, or give no imports to import all exported symbols. The second form is the same as (import (module)). See also import-excluding, Chicken:ModuleSystem?.