[procedure] make-time type nanoseconds seconds

SRFI-19: time structure constructor. See also time?, time-type, time-second, time-nanosecond, set-time-type!, set-time-second!, set-time-nanosecond!.

SRFI-18 and SRFI-21 refers a time structure which is returned by current-time, but they don't specify its internal slots. See time->seconds and seconds->time.

Note: As of 2003/2/17, srfi-19 reference implementation in SRFI site defines make-time incorrectly, taking seconds argument before nanoseconds. A few implementations that have taken the reference implementation also have the wrong definition.

[procedure] make-time integer

Scheme48's time record just keeps # of seconds since 1970/1/1 00:00:00 UTC. See also time-seconds, time->string.