[procedure] make-hash-table [equal? hash args ...]

SRFI-69: Create a new hash table with no associations. equal? is a predicate that should accept two keys and return a boolean telling whether they denote the same key value; it defaults to equal?.

hash is a hash function, and defaults to an appropriate hash function for the given equal? predicate. However, an acceptable default is not guaranteed to be given for any equivalence predicate coarser than equal?, except for string-ci=?. [1] The function hash must be acceptable for equal?, so if you use coarser equivalence than equal? other than string-ci=?, you must always provide the function hash yourself. [1] An equivalence predicate c1 is coarser than a equivalence predicate c2 iff there exist values x and y such that (and (c1 x y) (not (c2 x y))).

Implementations are allowed to use the rest args for implementation-specific extensions. Be warned, though, that using these extensions will make your program less portable.

[procedure] make-hash-table [equal? hash size-hint]

Kawa: Creates a new hash table. equal? and hash are procedures to be used for comparison and calculating hash values.

[procedure] make-hash-table [size]

ChezScheme: makes a hash table. Key comparer is fixed to eq?. See Concept:HashTable. See also get, put!, hash-table-count, hash-table-for-each, hash-table-ref, hash-table-set!

[procedure] make-hash-table [type]

Gauche: makes a hash table. Type may be one of the symbols 'eq?', 'eqv?', 'equal?' or 'string=?'. See Concept:HashTable. See also hash-table-get, hash-table-put!, hash-table-exists?, hash-table-push!, hash-table-pop!, hash-table-map, hash-table-for-each, hash-table-fold, hash-table?

[procedure] make-hash-table [comparison hash]

STk, STklos: makes a hash table, with given comparison function and hash function. Comparison defaults to eq?, and hash defaults to hash-table-hash.

See also hash-table?, hash-table-put!, hash-table-get, hash-table-remove!, hash-table-update!, hash-table-for-each, hash-table-map, hash-table->list, hash-table-stats.

[procedure] make-hash-table

MzScheme: makes a hash table. comparison is fixed to eq?.

See also make-hash-table-weak, hash-table?, hash-table-put!, hash-table-get, hash-table-remove!, hash-table-map, hash-table-for-each

[procedure] make-hash-table ms nb gk eq [is]

Bigloo: (Deprecated) Creates a hash table. See make-hashtable for the current hashtable support.

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