[procedure] make-array shape [obj]

SRFI-25: Array. See also array, array?, shape, array-rank, array-start, array-end, array-ref, array-set!, share-array.

[procedure] make-array prototype k1 k2 ...

SRFI-47, SRFI-63: Creates and returns an array of type prototype with dimensions k1, k2, ... and filled with elements from prototype. prototype must be an array, vector, or string.

[procedure] make-array value dimension0 ...

Scheme48: Array. See also array, copy-array, array?, array-ref, array-set!, array->vector, array-dimensions, make-shared-array

Scheme48's array differs from SRFI-25's in the following aspects besides API:

  • array indices are zero based.
  • array shape is specified by a list of length for each dimension, rather than a shape array.
  • array-ref and array-set! only takes individual indices and not the index objects as SRFI-25.