[procedure] initscr

SCM: curses interface for initialization and cleanup. Most routines returns #t on success and #f on failure. (NB: guile-ncurses returns ERR (= -1) on error and OK (= 0) on success). Provided functions are: endwin, clearok, idlok, leaveok, scrollok, nodelay, cbreak, nocbreak, raw, noraw, echo, noecho, nl, nonl, resetty, savetty, newwin, subwin, close-port, refresh, force-output, mvwin, overlay, overwrite,touchwin, touchline, wmove, display, wadd, werase, wclear, wclrtobot, wclrtoeol, wdelch, wdeleteln, winsch, winsertln, scroll, read-char, winch, getyx, wstandout, wstandend, box, unctrl