[procedure] file-info fname/fd/port [chase]

Scsh: returns a record of file information (stat).

 (define-record file-info
  type      ; {block-special, char-special, directory,
            ;     fifo, regular, socket, symlink}
  device    ; Device file resides on.
  inode     ; File's inode.
  mode      ; File's mode bits: permissions, setuid, setgid
  nlinks    ; Number of hard links to this file.
  uid       ; Owner of file.
  gid       ; File's group id.
  size      ; Size of file, in bytes.
  atime     ; Time of last access.
  mtime     ; Time of last mod.
  ctime)    ; Time of last status change. 

See also file-type, file-inode, file-mode, file-nlinks, file-owner, file-group, file-size, file-last-access?, file-last-mod?, file-last-status-change?.

Other implementations have similar procedures to obtain stat information; sys-stat, get-file-info.