[procedure] exit [obj]

R6RS: Exits the running program and passes obj to the operating system. If obj is #f, it indicates abnormal exit. If obj is omitted, it indicates normal exit.

[procedure] exit obj ...

ChezScheme: calls current exit-handler. Exits from the current cafe (repl) by default.

See also reset, abort.

[procedure] exit [code]

Chicken, SCM, STk, STklos, Gauche: code is an integer, which defaults to 0.

See also abort, restart, quit, _exit, sys-exit.

[procedure] exit code

Scheme48: exits the current process.

[procedure] exit code

Bigloo: exits the current process. An exit function registered by register-exit-function! is called before termination.

[procedure] exit [v]

MzScheme: calls current exit handler. The default exit handler terminates the process. v may be an aribtrary value. The default handler uses v as the exit status if its an integer within the range between 1 to 255, or exits with 0 status otherwise. User-defined exit handler may return, in which case exit returns.