[procedure] exec program-name arg1 ...

[procedure] exec-with-environment program-name env arg1 ...

[procedure] exec-file filename arg1 ...

[procedure] exec-file-with-environment filename env arg1 ...

[procedure] exec-with-alias name lookup? maybe-env arguments

Scheme48: Exec family. Exec and exec-with-environment use search path (so they're like POSIX execlp()), while exec-file and exec-file-with-envionment use absolute path to the executable (so they're like POSIX execl()). program-name or filename is used as argv[0], except exec-with-alias.

See also fork, Concept:Process.

Names in other implementations: process-execute, sys-exec?, posix-exec?, etc.

[procedure] exec string

STk, STklos: STk's exec is not the same as exec(2). It executes the specified command, redirecting its output to a string, and returns it.

To get exec(2) behavior in STk, use posix-exec?.

For STklos, see also exec-list.

Gauche has similar function with the name process-output->string.