[syntax] check-ec qualifier ... expr (=> equal) expected (argument ...))

[syntax] check-ec qualifier ... expr => expected (argument ...))

[syntax] check-ec qualifier ... expr (=> equal) expected)

[syntax] check-ec qualifier ... expr => expected)

SRFI-78: an eager comprehension for executing a parametric sequence of checks.

Enumerates the sequence of bindings specified by qualifier ... . For each binding evaluates equal and expected in unspecified order. Then evalues expr and compares the value obtained to the value of expected using the value of equal as predicate, which is equal? when omitted. The comprehension stops after the first failed check, if there is any. Then a report is printed according to the current mode setting (see check-set-mode!) and the outcome is recorded in a global state to be used in check-report. The entire check-ec counts as a single check.

In case the check fails argument ... is used for constructing an informative message with the argument values. Use argument ... to list the relevant free variables of expr that you want to have printed.

A qualifier is any qualifier of an eager comprehension as specified in SRFI-42.