[procedure] </<? [compare] [x y z]

[procedure] </<=? [compare] [x y z]

[procedure] <=/<? [compare] [x y z]

[procedure] <=/<=? [compare] [x y z]

[procedure] >/>? [compare] [x y z]

[procedure] >/>=? [compare] [x y z]

[procedure] >=/>? [compare] [x y z]

[procedure] >=/>=? [compare] [x y z]

SRFI-67: Test if x, y, and z form a chain with the two relations specified by the name of the procedure rel1/rel2?, with respect to the compare procedure compare.

If compare is not provided, default-compare is used. If x y z are not provided, a predicate procedure of three arguments is constructed. The order in which the values are compared is unspecified, but each value is compared at least once.