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Extension Packages

See also WiLiKi:Gauche:Packages for more packages.

Note: SXML-gauche is no longer needed to use SXML tools; it is included in the main distribution.


OpenGL binding for Gauche. Supports most of OpenGL 1.0 to 4.1 APIs (including OpenGL Shading Language API), and some of GLU and GLUT API. Requires Gauche 0.9.4 or later.

Version: 0.6
Download: Gauche-gl-0.6.tgz
Document: gauche-gl-refe.html
ChangeLog: ChangeLog.Gauche-gl.txt


GTK2 binding for Gauche. (Due to the lack of the maintainer's time, the main development has staggered and the download link to the tarball below hasn't caught up to the latest Gauche release. You can access to the provisional fork of the code at http://github.com/shirok/Gauche-gtk2 that runs with Gauche 0.9 or later.

Version: 0.4.1
Download: Gauche-gtk-0.4.1.tgz
Document: README.Gauche-gtk.txt
ChangeLog: ChangeLog.Gauche-gtk.txt

Gauche Garbage Collection

A collection of miscellaneous libraries for Gauche, written and maintained by KIMURA Shigenobu.

Download: http://homepage.mac.com/skimu/ggc/