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Quick installation (Unix platforms)

A one-shot install script is available.

It will ask you the destination of installation (if you already have previous versions of Gauche, it sets the default to the same location). The script will download the latest version, compile and install. You may be asked the sudo password if you don't have permission to write to the install destination.

For more details about the installation script, visit https://github.com/shirok/get-gauche. The get-gauche.sh script can also be used to uninstall Gauche.

Quick installation (Windows)

Windows binary installer is available:

This is an installer of pre-compiled MinGW version Gauche on Windows. Gauche-gl is also included. There are some differences in supported system functions on Windows; see the reference manual for the details.

After installation, you will find some example scripts in c:\Program Files\Gauche\examples\ (if you installed to the default location).

Docker image

A build of release version of Gauche on Debian, coupled with Gauche-makiki web server, is available at https://hub.docker.com/r/practicalscheme/gauche .

You can try Gauche REPL by just the following command:

  docker run --rm -ti practicalscheme/gauche:latest

Source tarball

The package is tar+gzipped. Unzip and untar it, then configure+make. See INSTALL in the top directory for detail instructions.

    % gzcat Gauche-0.9.12.tgz | tar xf -
    % cd Gauche-0.9.12
    % ./configure
    % make
    % make install

`make check' runs some self tests.

If you have installed a previous version of Gauche, "gauche-config --reconfigure" shows the configure command line you have used for the version. You can use it as is if you want to update Gauche with the same configuration option.

    % gauche-config --reconfigure | sh
    % make
    % make install

Once you succeed, you'll find an interpreter named "gosh" under src. In order to try the interpreter without installing it, go down to "src" and run gosh with -ftest option.

    % cd src
    % ./gosh -ftest
    gosh> (sqrt -5)
    gosh> (map (lambda (n)
                 (rxmatch-substring (rxmatch #/(\d+)\D+(\d+)\D+(\d+)/ "(123)456-7890") n))
               '(1 2 3))
    '("123" "456" "7890")

Git repository

The source tree of Gauche is managed in a Git repository at github.com. You can obtain the bleeding edge version by the following command:

git clone https://github.com/shirok/Gauche.git
Alternatively, you can browse the source tree on your browser.

To compile from the Git snapshot, check out the HACKING file in the top directory.