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Development progress & plans

by version 0.1.0 --Done.
Cover R5RS specfications.
by version 0.2.0 --Done.
Module system. Clear interaction between dynamic loadable library and the module system. Standarized way of installation and testing of libraries.
by version 0.3.0 --Done.
Implement OO feature compatible to STklos.
by version 0.4.0 --Done.
Finish complicated stuff, such as regexp and bignum. Give a cleaner design of character code treatment.
by version 0.5.0 --Done.
Make error handling more robust, and add minimal debugging features. Add minimal documentation.
by version 0.6.0 --Done.
Add multithread support
by version 0.7.0 --Done.
More libraries (e.g. GTk interface, etc.). Performance tuning.
by version 0.8.0 --Done.
Revise class API.
by version 0.9.0 --Done.
More extensions. Start C API documentation.
by version 1.0
Stabilize. Better debugging and deployment.