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Standard conformance

Additional features


Gauche is a script engine in the sense that it reads and evaluates the source code, but internally it compiles Scheme expressions into an intermediate forma by optimizing compiler then executes it by a virtual machine. So far, the performance is comparable to other Scheme interpreters, I hope.


The table below lists the platforms Gauche runs on. If you can compile on the other platforms, let me know.

0.9.9 Linux (Ubuntu 18.04)x86, x86_64gccOKPasses all tests.
Windows 10 (Mingw-w64/MSYS2)x86_64gccOKPasses all tests.
MacOSX Version 10.14.6x86_64gccOKPasses all tests.
0.9.3 FreeBSD 9x86_64gccOKPasses all tests. MacOS X 10.7x86_64gccOKPasses all tests.
0.8.8 Linux (Debian3.0)AlphagccOKPasses all tests.
Solaris 9SPARCgccOKUse gmake to build. Passes all tests.
Solaris 9x86gccOKUse gmake to build. Passes all tests.
0.9.2 NetBSD 5x86gccOKPasses all tests.
NetBSD 5x86_64gccOKPasses all tests.
0.9 NetBSD 5Power PCgccOKPasses all tests.
0.8.9 HP-UX 11.11PA RISCgccN/APasses all tests except gauche.charconv. It seems to choke when compiled with the system provided iconv. We haven't dug it well, but if it bites you, try alternative iconv library.
0.7.1 Linux (Debian3.0)SPARCgccOKPasses all tests.
0.8.12 Linux (Debian3.0)Power PCgccOKPasses all tests
0.5.2 Irix 6.5MIPSgcc, MIPSPro CC?Passes all tests
FreeBSD 2.2.1x86gcc?Passes all tests (thanks to Abe Hiroshi)
0.5.4 MacOS 7.5.568kscN/AReported to work with some modification by Yasunari Shimizu. Many system functions don't work. I don't have the porting code.