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Gauche is an R7RS Scheme implementation developed to be a handy script interpreter, which allows programmers and system administrators to write small to large scripts for their daily chores. Quick startup, built-in system interface, native multilingual support are some of the goals.

Gauche runs on most Unix-like systems and on Windows (using MinGW)..

See Features for implemented features.


See ChangeLog for details. You can also check the most recent development status at Git repository.


Gauche 0.9.13

See Release notes.


Gauche 0.9.12

See Release notes.


Gauche-gtk2 0.6.1

A few bug fixes. The tarball name is now Gauche-gtk2-0.6.1.tgz.


Gauche-gtk2 0.6

This is merely a new wrapping of the exising code. It's been years since we provided a proper release, and there are sporadic fixes accumulated in the repository.


Gauche 0.9.11-p1

The 0.9.11 Windows installer packages had a defect that TLS connection gets an error unless you explicitly use rfc.tls.mbed. If you're using Gauche on Windows from installer, please update with the new packages.

It was due to the issue in 0.9.11 source tree that autoloading mbedtls module wasn't set up properly depending on the packaging environment. If you're installing from the tarball, you don't need to update unless you need to compile with --with-tls=mbedtls-internal option.

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A mailing list for discussion and announcement of Gauche is now available, thanks for SourceForge. You can subscribe it from this page.