Arc Cross Reference


List of entries based of arc0, released in January 2008.


[, :, ~


Stuff implemented in the underlying Scheme.

quote, quasiquote, if, fn, set,

sig, apply, cons, car, cdr, is, err, nil, t, +, -, *, /, mod, expt, sqrt, >, <, len, annotate, type, rep, uniq, ccc, infile, outfile, instring, outstring, inside, close, stdout, stdin, stderr, call-w/stdout, call-w/stdin, readc, readb, peekc, writec, writeb, write, disp, sread, coerce, open-socket, socket-accept, thread, kill-thread, break-thread, sleep, system, pipe-from, table, maptable, protect, rand, dir, file-exists, dir-exists, rmfile, macex, macex1, eval, on-err, details, scar, scdr, sref, bound, newstring, truncate, exact, msec, current-process-milliseconds, current-gc-milliseconds, seconds, client-ip, atomic-invoke, dead, ssyntax, ssexpand, quit,


do, safeset, def, caar, cadr, cddr, no, acons, atom, list, idfn, map1, pair, mac, and, assoc, alref, with, let, withs, join, rfn, afn, compose, complement, rev, isnt, w/uniq, or, alist, in, iso, when, unless, while, empty, reclist, recstring, testify, some, all, mem, find, isa, map, mappend, firstn, nthcdr, tuples, caris, warn, atomic, atlet, atwith, atwiths, setter, defset, setforms, metafn, expand-metafn-call, expand=, expand=list, =, loop, for, repeat, each, subseq, ontable, whilet, last, rem, keep, trues, do1, caselet, case, push, swap, rotate, pop, adjoin, pushnew, pull, ++, --, zap, pr, prn, nil!, t!, iflet, whenlet, aif, awhen, aand, accum, drain, whiler, consif, string, flat, default, pos, even, odd, after, w/infile, w/outfile, w/instring, w/outstring, w/appendfile, w/stdout, w/stdin, tostring, fromstring, readstring1, read, readfile, readfile1, writefile1, readall, sym, rand-choice, n-of, rand-string, forlen, on, best, max, min, most, insert-sorted, insort, reinsert-sorted, insortnew, memo, defmemo, <=, >=, whitec, nonwhite, alphadig, punc, readline, summing, trav, carif, prall, prs, tree-subst, ontree, dotted, fill-table, obj, keys, vals, tablist, listtab, load-table, read-table, load-tables, save-table, write-table, copy, abs, round, roundup, to-nearest, avg, sort, mergesort, merge, bestn, split, time, jtime, time10, maps, deftem, inst, temread, templatize, temload, temloadall, number, cache, errsafe, saferead, safe-load-table, ensure-dir, date, since, count, ellipsize, random-elt, until, before, orf, andf, atend, multiple, nor, compare, only, conswhen, firstn-that, dedup, single, plural, intersperse, counts, commonest, splitn, reduce, rreduce, load, positive, w/table, ero, queue, enq, deq, qlen, qlist, enq-limit, median, noisy-each, point, catch, downcase, upcase, range, mismatch, memtable


ppr, ppr-progn, ppr-call, pprest, write-spaced, sp, lpar, rpar,


tokens, urldecode, latin1-hack, litmatch, endmatch, posmatch, headmatch, begins, subst, multisubst, findsubseq, blank, trim, num