Arc Cross Reference


[procedure] mergesort less? lst

(def mergesort (less? lst)
  (with (n (len lst))
    (if (<= n 1) lst
        ; ; check if the list is already sorted
        ; ; (which can be a common case, eg, directory lists).
        ; (let loop ([last (car lst)] [next (cdr lst)])
        ;   (or (null? next)
        ;       (and (not (less? (car next) last))
        ;            (loop (car next) (cdr next)))))
        ; lst
        ((afn (n)
           (if (> n 2)
                ; needs to evaluate L->R
                (withs (j (/ (if (even n) n (- n 1)) 2) ; faster than round
                        a (self j)
                        b (self (- n j)))
                  (merge less? a b))
               ; the following case just inlines the length 2 case,
               ; it can be removed (and use the above case for n>1)
               ; and the code still works, except a little slower
               (is n 2)
                (with (x (car lst) y (cadr lst) p lst)
                  (= lst (cddr lst))
                  (when (less? y x) (scar p y) (scar (cdr p) x))
                  (scdr (cdr p) nil)
               (is n 1)
                (with (p lst)
                  (= lst (cdr lst))
                  (scdr p nil)