For Gauche 0.9.10

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11.14 srfi-64 - SchemeテストスイートAPI

Module: srfi-64

This module defines API to write a portable test suite. In Gauche, it is adapted to work with gauche.test native test framework (see 単体テスト).

If srfi-64 tests are run with the default runner during gauche.test is active, the tests becomes a part of the whole gauche.test suite.

The recommended way is to write a test suite in pure srfi-64, then include it from the gauche test script:

(use gauche.test)
(test-start "the tests")
;; portable test
(include "test-suite-in-srfi-64")

;; gauche-specific test, if needed


If test-suite-in-srfi-64.scm is run by itself, it uses srfi-64’s default reporting system. If it is run within gauche.test script, the results are reported via gauche.test, consolidated with other Gauche test results.

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11.14.1 Test API

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11.14.2 Test runner

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