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11.1 R7RS-largeになったSRFI


srfi-1 List library

scheme.list (see R7RSリスト).

srfi-14 Character-set library

scheme.char-set (see R7RS文字集合).

srfi-41 Streams (see R7RSストリーム).

srfi-101 Purely functional random-access pairs and lists

scheme.rlist (see R7RSランダムアクセスリスト).

srfi-111 Boxes (see R7RSボックス).

srfi-113 Sets and bags

scheme.set (see R7RSセット).

srfi-115 Scheme Regular Expressions

scheme.regex (see R7RS正規表現).

srfi-116 Immutable list library


srfi-117 Queues based on lists

scheme.list-queue (see R7RSリストキュー).

srfi-121 Generators

scheme.generator (see R7RSジェネレータ).

srfi-124 Ephemerons

scheme.ephemeron (see R7RS Ephemeron).

srfi-125 Intermediate hash tables

scheme.hash-table (see R7RSハッシュテーブル).

srfi-127 Lazy sequences

scheme.lseq (see R7RS遅延シーケンス).

srfi-128 Comparators (reduced)

scheme.comparator (see R7RS比較器).

srfi-132 Sort library

scheme.sort (see R7RSソート).

srfi-133 Vector library

scheme.vector (see R7RSベクタ).

srfi-134 Immutable deques

scheme.ideque (see R7RS変更不可な両端キュー).

srfi-135 Immutable texts

scheme.text (see R7RS変更不可なテキスト).

srfi-141 Integer division

scheme.division (see R7RS整数除算).

srfi-143 Fixnums

scheme.fixnum (see R7RS fixnum).

srfi-144 Flonums

scheme.flonum (see R7RS flonum).

srfi-146 Mappings

scheme.mapping, scheme.mapping.hash (see R7RSマップ).

srfi-151 Bitwise operations

scheme.bitwise (see R7RSビット演算).

srfi-158 Generators and accumulators

scheme.generator (see R7RSジェネレータ).

srfi-159 Combinator formatting

srfi-160 Homogeneous numeric vector libraries

scheme.vector.@ (see R7RSユニフォームベクタ).

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