dude, python is the real thing. scheme48 is OK, but you can't beat the REAL THING, you know.

import wx ; a=wx.App() ;  frame = wx.Frame(None, -1 , "you cannot beat python" )   ; frame.Show() ;  a.MainLoop()

see also wxPython and find code samples: wxPythonics

for trying out the wiki use SandBox , for source code use {{ print('fine') }} ,but 3 not 2 curly brackets each side plus line-feed.

Look at those scumbag admins over at the py wiki.

what utter pieces of s., man:

the scum admins are waging another wiki war, follow it here:

more Lemburg-type bs:

"Using this Wiki

This Wiki is a community place to gather and organize all things about Python. Feel free to exercise your editorial skills and expertise to make it a useful knowledge base and up-to-date reference on all Python-related topics. "

Nothing but scum in the py wiki.

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