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12.50 rfc.md5 - MD5 message digest

Module: rfc.md5

This module implements MD5 message digest algorithm, defined in RFC 1321 ( The module extends util.digest (see util.digest - Message digester framework).

Typically, all you need to do is to pass the class object <md5> to the message digester; see util.digest - Message digester framework, and also see rfc.hmac - HMAC keyed-hashing.

Class: <md5>

{rfc.md5} The instance of this class keeps internal state of MD5 digest algorithm. This class implements util.digest framework interface, so you can pass this class to message digest procedures such as digest-message-to (see util.digest - Message digester framework).

The following procedures are deprecated. Use generic message digester (see util.digest - Message digester framework) or HMAC keyed digester (see rfc.hmac - HMAC keyed-hashing).

Function: md5-digest

{rfc.md5} Deprecated. Reads data from the current input port until EOF, and returns its digest in an incomplete string.

Function: md5-digest-string string

{rfc.md5} Deprecated. Digest the data in string, and returns the result in an incomplete string.

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