Release 0.9.8

Bug fixes and enhancements

Major changes

The syntax of quasirename is changed

The template was implicitly quasiquoted before, but it turned out it interferes when quasiquote and quasirename were nested. Now the template needs to be explicitly quasiquoted. The old syntax is also supported for the backward compatibility. You can change the supported compatibility level by an environment variable GAUCHE_QUASIRENAME_MODE. See the manual entry of quasirename and the blog post for more details.

Keywords are symbols by default.

There can be some corner cases that causes backward compatibility. You can revert to the old behavior by setting an environment variable GAUCHE_KEYWORD_DISJOINT. See the "Keyword" section of the manual for how to adapt to the new way.

Some support of R7RS-Large Tangerine Edition.

We have scheme.mapping, scheme.mapping.hash, scheme.generator, scheme.division, scheme.bitwise, scheme.fixnum, scheme.flonum. See Gauche:R7RS-large for which libraries in R7RS-Large have been supported.

Prettyprinting is now default on REPL.

If it bothers you, set an environment variable GAUCHE_REPL_NO_PPRINT.

Bug fixes

Other notable changes

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