Release 0.9.4

Major feature upgrade

R7RS support

Gauche now supports R7RS-small ( ). It can load R7RS libraries and execute R7RS scripts seamlessly. (There are minor caveats; see ref:Standard conformance). See also ref:Library modules - R7RS integration for the details of how R7RS is integrated.

The backward compatibility to the legacy Gauche code is kept as much as possible; in short, you can keep using existing Gauche code and write new code in pretty much the same way.

It's up to you to write code in traditional Gauche way or R7RS way: If you plan to make the code portable, you may want to stick with R7RS, but if you need to depend on lots of Gauche-specific libraries, there's not much point to adopt R7RS structure, for you can't run it in other implementations anyway.

Notable improvements

A bunch of new procedures and enhancements

Tons of bug fixes

Fixes that may break the compatibility

Miscellaneous fixes

Last modified : 2014/07/25 01:09:57 UTC