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Libraries for STk

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The following packages are written for STk 4.0.1. If you haven't got the newest version of STk yet, download it from STk Homepage. Sunsite and their mirrors also have it.

The letter in the square brackets after the package indicates the way of implementation.

[S]Implemented in (mostly) R5RS and SLIB, meant to be portable.
[STk]Implemented in Scheme, using STk's extension.
[C]Implemented in Scheme and C/C++ code.
textutils [STk] - Document, Source

A random collection of string and text manipulating routines. Including: high-level regexp macros like scsh's let-match; filter functions like unix's tr, grep and awk; trimming and padding functions; read/write CSV files, etc.

modutils [STk] - Document, Source

Implements use-module macro, a convenient way to organize libraries using modules. This is just an initial version and not tested well.

hashutils [STk] - Document, Source

A small set of auxiliary functions dealing with STk's hash tables. Not tested well.

mail [STk] - Document, Source

A small routine to send emails via SMTP.

serializer [STk] - Document, Source

A generic object serializer using STklos.

dbm [STk,C] - Document, Source

A unified interface to the DBM-like libraries. Requires serializer module.

pserializer [S] - Document, Source

Simple and extensible portable serializer implementation.

uvector [C] - Document, Source

Uniform (homogeneous) numeric vector types, as specified in SRFI-4. This version is an alpha release.

logical [C] - Document, Source

Logical (bitwise) operation compatibile with SLIB's logical feature, but this one is witten in C.

cgitool [STk] - Document, Source

A collection of functions useful to write cgi sctipt, such as decoding form parameters and cookies. API has been changed from version 1.0. This version doesn't depend on STklos, and may be used on different Scheme system with minor modification. (This module is available by courtesy of Square USA Inc).

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