One day

One day, a friend of mine asked me why I liked Scheme. Well, it was simple, clean and yet powerful. It didn't force you weird limitations or ad-hoc rules, and you could express your idea straightforward in the language.

Then he asked. If Scheme was such a nice thing, why people didn't use it?

I looked back at my monitor sadly, where Emacs was showing a Perl script I was editing. I had switched to Perl to write scripts for daily chores months ago. Partly because it was harder to find Scheme programmers to work with than Perl---I had even rewritten thousands of lines of Scheme libraries in Perl just because few people was willing to use the Scheme version. Partly because, well, I had to admit, Perl was much handier than Scheme because of the vast libraries and hackish syntactic sugars.

If what mattered was a library, then, there would be a chance. Just write more libraries and share them. SRFI's will help greatly, but there're needs to have trivial but efficient codes in the production environment. Doing the right thing with deep consideration is one thing, but hack some practical code in time is another thing important in the real world, and that's what I'm doing most of the time as a hired programmer.

So this page came in life. It is no more than a small correction of codes and scribbles I wrote, along the pointers to other resources. The progress may be slow, for I'm doing this page in my spare time. One day, however, I will point this page, when the friend asks me if Scheme is feasible for daily chores and a practical choice.

Shiro Kawai
Last modified: Sat Jan 4 19:09:17 HST 2003