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E. Class Index

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Index Entry Section

abandoned-mutex-exception9.29.4 Thread exceptions
array9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
array-base9.1 gauche.array - Arrays

boolean6.4 Booleans
bottom6.1 Types and classes
buffered-input-portVirtual buffered ports
buffered-output-portVirtual buffered ports

cgen-nodeSubmitting code fragments for more than one parts
cgen-unitCreating a frame
char6.10 Characters
char-set6.11 Character Set
classClass structure
complex6.3.1 Number classes
compound-conditionBuilt-in Condition classes
conditionBuilt-in Condition classes
condition-metaBuilt-in Condition classes
condition-variableCondition variable

date10.9.4 Date
dbm11.8.1 Opening and closing a dbm database
dbm-meta11.8.1 Opening and closing a dbm database

errorBuilt-in Condition classes

f16array9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
f16vector9.31.1 Uvector basic operations
f32array9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
f32vector9.31.1 Uvector basic operations
f64array9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
f64vector9.31.1 Uvector basic operations
fsdbm11.9 dbm.fsdbm - File-system dbm
ftp-connection11.21 rfc.ftp - FTP client
ftp-error11.21 rfc.ftp - FTP client

gdbm11.10 dbm.gdbm - GDBM interface

hash-table6.15 Hashtables
hmac11.22 rfc.hmac - HMAC keyed-hashing
hook9.9 gauche.hook - Hooks
http-error11.23 rfc.http - HTTP

identifier6.9 Identifiers
integer6.3.1 Number classes
io-closed-errorBuilt-in Condition classes
io-errorBuilt-in Condition classes
io-read-errorBuilt-in Condition classes
io-unit-errorBuilt-in Condition classes
io-write-errorBuilt-in Condition classes

join-timeout-exception9.29.4 Thread exceptions

keyword6.8 Keywords

list6.6.1 Pair and null class
log-drain9.13 gauche.logger - User-level logging

md511.27 rfc.md5 - MD5 message digest
mersenne-twister11.16 math.mt-random - Mersenne Twister Random number generator
message-conditionBuilt-in Condition classes
message-digest-algorithm11.49 util.digest - Message digester framework
message-digest-algorithm-meta11.49 util.digest - Message digester framework
mime-messageStreaming parser
module4.11.6 Module introspection
mtqueue11.53 util.queue - Queue

ndbm11.11 dbm.ndbm - NDBM interface
null6.6.1 Pair and null class
number6.3.1 Number classes

object6.1 Types and classes
odbm11.12 dbm.odbm - Original DBM interface

pair6.6.1 Pair and null class
parameter9.18 gauche.parameter - Parameters
port6.22.1 Ports
port-errorBuilt-in Condition classes
procedure6.18.1 Procedure class and applicability
process9.21.2 Process object
process-abnormal-exit9.21.2 Process object
process-time-counterFiner measurement
propagate-meta9.14 gauche.mop.propagate - Propagating slot access
propagate-mixin9.14 gauche.mop.propagate - Propagating slot access

queue11.53 util.queue - Queue

rational6.3.1 Number classes
read-errorBuilt-in Condition classes
real6.3.1 Number classes
real-time-counterFiner measurement
regexp6.13.2 Using regular expressions
regmatch6.13.2 Using regular expressions

s16array9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
s16vector9.31.1 Uvector basic operations
s32array9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
s32vector9.31.1 Uvector basic operations
s64array9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
s64vector9.31.1 Uvector basic operations
s8array9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
s8vector9.31.1 Uvector basic operations
selector9.24 gauche.selector - Simple dispatcher
serious-compound-conditionBuilt-in Condition classes
serious-conditionBuilt-in Condition classes
sha111.30 rfc.sha - SHA message digest
sha22411.30 rfc.sha - SHA message digest
sha25611.30 rfc.sha - SHA message digest
sha38411.30 rfc.sha - SHA message digest
sha51211.30 rfc.sha - SHA message digest
singleton-meta9.15 gauche.mop.singleton - Singleton
singleton-mixin9.15 gauche.mop.singleton - Singleton
sockaddrSocket address objects
sockaddr-inSocket address objects
sockaddr-in6Socket address objects
sockaddr-unSocket address objects
socket9.17.2 High-level network functions
sparse-f16vector11.57.1 Sparse vectors
sparse-f32vector11.57.1 Sparse vectors
sparse-f64vector11.57.1 Sparse vectors
sparse-s16vector11.57.1 Sparse vectors
sparse-s32vector11.57.1 Sparse vectors
sparse-s64vector11.57.1 Sparse vectors
sparse-s8vector11.57.1 Sparse vectors
sparse-table11.57.2 Sparse tables
sparse-u16vector11.57.1 Sparse vectors
sparse-u32vector11.57.1 Sparse vectors
sparse-u64vector11.57.1 Sparse vectors
sparse-u8vector11.57.1 Sparse vectors
sparse-vector11.57.1 Sparse vectors
sparse-vector-base11.57.1 Sparse vectors
string6.12 Strings
symbol6.7 Symbols
sys-addrinfo9.17.4 Netdb interface
sys-fdset6.25.10 I/O multiplexing
sys-flock9.7 gauche.fcntl - Low-level file operations
sys-groupUnix groups
sys-hostent9.17.4 Netdb interface
sys-passwdUnix users
sys-protoent9.17.4 Netdb interface
sys-servent9.17.4 Netdb interface
sys-sigset6.25.6.1 Signals and signal sets
sys-stat6.25.3.4 File stats
sys-termios9.27.1 Posix termios interface
sys-tmPOSIX time
system-errorBuilt-in Condition classes
system-time-counterFiner measurement

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