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C. Function and Syntax Index: M

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Index Entry Section

macroexpand5.3 Macro expansion
macroexpand-15.3 Macro expansion
magnitude6.3.5 Numerical conversions
make7.3.1 Creating instance
make7.3.1 Creating instance
makeThe make method for <class>
make7.5.3 Method instantiation
make-array9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
make-bimap9.6.2 Generic dictionaries
make-byte-string6.12.3 String Constructors
make-client-socket9.17.2 High-level network functions
make-compound-conditionCondition API
make-conditionCondition API
make-condition-typeCondition API
make-condition-variableCondition variable
make-csv-reader11.38 text.csv - CSV tables
make-csv-writer11.38 text.csv - CSV tables
make-date10.9.4 Date
make-directory*11.14.1 Directory utilities
make-empty-attlist11.34.1 SSAX data types
make-f16vector9.31.1 Uvector basic operations
make-f32array9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
make-f32vector9.31.1 Uvector basic operations
make-f64array9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
make-f64vector9.31.1 Uvector basic operations
make-gettextLow-level flexible API
make-glob-fs-fold6.25.3.1 Directories
make-grapheme-cluster-breaker11.47.2 Unicode text segmentation
make-grapheme-cluster-reader11.47.2 Unicode text segmentation
make-hash-table6.15 Hashtables
make-hook9.9 gauche.hook - Hooks
make-keyword6.8 Keywords
make-kmp-restart-vector10.7.14 Low-level string procedures
make-list6.6.3 List constructors
make-module4.11.6 Module introspection
make-mtqueue11.53 util.queue - Queue
make-option-parserLow-level API
make-packer11.2 binary.pack - Packing Binary Data
make-parameter9.18 gauche.parameter - Parameters
make-polar6.3.5 Numerical conversions
make-queue11.53 util.queue - Queue
make-random-source10.10 srfi-27 - Sources of Random Bits
make-rbtree11.54 util.rbtree - Red black tree
make-record-type11.55 util.record - SLIB-compatible record type
make-rectangular6.3.5 Numerical conversions
make-rtd9.22.4 Procedural layer
make-s16array9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
make-s16vector9.31.1 Uvector basic operations
make-s32array9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
make-s32vector9.31.1 Uvector basic operations
make-s64array9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
make-s64vector9.31.1 Uvector basic operations
make-s8array9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
make-s8vector9.31.1 Uvector basic operations
make-server-socket9.17.2 High-level network functions
make-server-sockets9.17.2 High-level network functions
make-sockaddrsSocket address objects
make-socket9.17.3 Low-level socket interface
make-sparse-table11.57.2 Sparse tables
make-sparse-vector11.57.1 Sparse vectors
make-stream11.58 util.stream - Stream library
make-string6.12.3 String Constructors
make-text-progress-bar11.43 text.progress - Showing progress on text terminals
make-thread9.29.2 Thread procedures
make-thread-pool11.5 control.thread-pool - Thread pools
make-time10.9.3 Time procedures
make-tree-map6.16 Treemaps
make-trie11.59 util.trie - Trie
make-u16array9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
make-u16vector9.31.1 Uvector basic operations
make-u32array9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
make-u32vector9.31.1 Uvector basic operations
make-u64array9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
make-u64vector9.31.1 Uvector basic operations
make-u8array9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
make-u8vector9.31.1 Uvector basic operations
make-vector6.14 Vectors
make-weak-vector6.17 Weak pointers
make-word-breaker11.47.2 Unicode text segmentation
make-word-reader11.47.2 Unicode text segmentation
make-xml-token11.34.1 SSAX data types
map6.6.5 Walking over lists
map9.4.1 Mapping over collection
map!List fold, unfold & map
map$6.18.3 Combinators
map$9.4.1 Mapping over collection
map*6.6.5 Walking over lists
map-accum9.4.1 Mapping over collection
map-in-orderList fold, unfold & map
map-to9.4.1 Mapping over collection
map-to-with-index9.25.3 Mapping over sequences
map-union11.35.1 SXPath basic converters and applicators
map-with-index9.25.3 Mapping over sequences
matchPattern matching API
match-definePattern matching API
match-lambdaPattern matching API
match-lambda*Pattern matching API
match-letPattern matching API
match-letPattern matching API
match-let*Pattern matching API
match-let1Pattern matching API
match-letrecPattern matching API
max6.3.3 Numerical comparison
max-ecComprehension macros
md5-digest11.27 rfc.md5 - MD5 message digest
md5-digest-string11.27 rfc.md5 - MD5 message digest
member6.6.6 Other list procedures
member$6.18.3 Combinators
memq6.6.6 Other list procedures
memv6.6.6 Other list procedures
method-more-specific?7.5.4 Customizing method application
mime-body->fileStreaming parser
mime-body->stringStreaming parser
mime-compose-messageMessage composer
mime-compose-message-stringMessage composer
mime-compose-parametersUtilities for header fields
mime-decode-textUtilities for header fields
mime-decode-wordUtilities for header fields
mime-encode-textUtilities for header fields
mime-encode-wordUtilities for header fields
mime-make-boundaryMessage composer
mime-parse-content-dispositionUtilities for header fields
mime-parse-content-typeUtilities for header fields
mime-parse-messageStreaming parser
mime-parse-parametersUtilities for header fields
mime-parse-versionUtilities for header fields
mime-retrieve-bodyStreaming parser
min6.3.3 Numerical comparison
min&max6.3.3 Numerical comparison
min-ecComprehension macros
mod6.3.4 Arithmetics
mod06.3.4 Arithmetics
modf6.3.5 Numerical conversions
modified-julian-day->date10.9.4 Date
modified-julian-day->time-monotonic10.9.4 Date
modified-julian-day->time-tai10.9.4 Date
modified-julian-day->time-utc10.9.4 Date
modifier9.25.1 Fundamental sequence accessors
module-exports4.11.6 Module introspection
module-imports4.11.6 Module introspection
module-name4.11.6 Module introspection
module-name->path4.11.6 Module introspection
module-parents4.11.6 Module introspection
module-precedence-list4.11.6 Module introspection
module-reload-rules9.23 gauche.reload - Reloading modules
module-table4.11.6 Module introspection
module?4.11.6 Module introspection
modulo6.3.4 Arithmetics
move-file11.14.4 File operations
mt-random-fill-f32vector!11.16 math.mt-random - Mersenne Twister Random number generator
mt-random-fill-f64vector!11.16 math.mt-random - Mersenne Twister Random number generator
mt-random-fill-u32vector!11.16 math.mt-random - Mersenne Twister Random number generator
mt-random-get-state11.16 math.mt-random - Mersenne Twister Random number generator
mt-random-integer11.16 math.mt-random - Mersenne Twister Random number generator
mt-random-real11.16 math.mt-random - Mersenne Twister Random number generator
mt-random-real011.16 math.mt-random - Mersenne Twister Random number generator
mt-random-set-seed!11.16 math.mt-random - Mersenne Twister Random number generator
mt-random-set-state!11.16 math.mt-random - Mersenne Twister Random number generator
mtqueue-max-length11.53 util.queue - Queue
mtqueue-room11.53 util.queue - Queue
mtqueue?11.53 util.queue - Queue

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